@hamburghammer ich hab gerade nochmal installiert
dann: `alt_send_esc: false` german key binding fΓΌr [ ]@ etc geht :D

@hamburghammer na .. DevOps'st du schon oder gopher'st du noch ? πŸ™Š 🐹
how goes the gstat battle ? πŸ˜„

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Just received shipping info. The will arrive on Wednesday. :blobcatphoto:

Well I'm up now. Might as well just stay awake.

Just notice the bot symbol on some avatars and I think that's sweet !

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Cops are visiting schools and universities today threatening students with prosecution for participation in protests. #Belarus #ACAB

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I blogged! πŸ“

"Shipping Rust CLIs with docker"

A guide on how you can build Rust binaries, package them in docker, and then distribute and run them as if they were "normal" CLI tools.


#rust #devops #dev #programming #cli #docker

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@invad0r have heard of asciimoo.github.io/searx/ to improve ur search experience?
There are also some public instances to play around. searx.space/

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