the last time i overhauled my weechat config, i had forgotten to save my freenode password, so now it just times out when trying to identify me and then forcefully nicknames me Guest#####. honestly i haven't found this to be an annoyance so now i just go by Guest##### (numbers change every time i reconnect to freenode)

Got one of my servers working with nix os and it was actually a relatively ok experience; some of the configs seem a bit flaky but as a declarative-config distro I think it does a fair job

Let's see how this plays out over time

it's 2020 and we're still preventing people from pasting passwords?

i need to take more advantage of my tiling wm, i'm too used to everything being fullscreen

cant believe imgur requires javascript just to load the image literally whats so hard about <img>

on the topic of mastodon, why is the interface so bad when it comes to displaying replies? really wish we had reddit-style tree looking replies

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spent the last hour on this garbage.. back to working on my taxes i suppose

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man why is mastodon so hard to run? i'm building off master since it seems to need configuration but the migrations fail over and over.. what's the best alternative to mastodon that still speaks its flavor of activitypub?

How many people have Facebook successfully tricked into thinking that Facebook and messenger are different and that messenger is somehow better..

sigh i should really finish some of the games in my collection before purchasing new ones

welp, just ran out of usb ports on my desktop

oh Heck you can use gpg keys AS ssh keys

tried making a (horribly incomplete) concept map for computer-y topics...

i get the added benefit that since nothing but my terminal and browser work, i can force myself to actually learn how to use vim

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what's up with news sites and making me scroll a whole page across an irrelevant full-screen image before i can read the content

working on a new git forge, gonna eventually try to incorporate federation

Relatedly, im kinda shocked how the easiest way for me to rotate a page in a pdf on windows was a free-ish python lib called pypdf2. all the big pdf readers out there either dont support this feature or paywall it

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This sucker took 20 minutes out of my morning. had to wait for it to update and fail multiple times over a total of 3 restarts before it would even let me log in

@protonmail hi, first off, nice to see that my email provider is on mastodon :)

i have a question regarding storing messages offline on android. the app seems to suggest this is a possibility, but i could never get this to actually work; a search through the forum reveals similar struggles among other users. is there a confirmed workaround/fix for this issue?

and on a related note, do you have a public issue tracker since there isn't yet a github repository for the app?


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