i need to take more advantage of my tiling wm, i'm too used to everything being fullscreen

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@iptq same!! until 2 days back, i was using tiling wm as a normal wm with always maximized windows. now i am digging this tiling majorly. bonus tip. narrowing the mastodon webapp/webpage/browser tab width enough makes it load the mobile version so it is useful enough while maybe the rest of screen space can be used for reading or viewing stuff in the broader space. right now i have one broad window flanked by two narrow ones on either side. it's a matter of focussing on an area of the screen. 👍

@dpreacher that's fantastic! I figured I probably don't even look at sidebars for many of the apps I use so might as well push them all up against each other. I /will/ have to start enforcing max line lengths for code for myself though

@iptq most sites have collapsible sidebars. Whatever can't take less space will get into the thickest/widest tile or on another's important to be good with tiling wm keyboard shortcuts.will help quickly adapt workspaces

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