@fribbledom I set it to send notifications to my email, and nothing interesting really shows up in my feed anyway

@deavmi i'd love to, can i get the source any way without being on the network already? all the source links on the downloads page seem to only be reachable from within the network... deavmi.assigned.network/docs/d

@emersion Ohhh this is the config that sway uses! neat

@deavmi wait how many network projects are you doing LOL

@emersion @PeterSanchez @viralstitch just curious, what project do u use this configuration format for?

@caskd @sir as someone who agrees with many of his views, my problem here is not so much his views but his delivery

I understand that when dumb shit comes out people adopt it by the hordes but he usually ends up turning to emotionally-driven tantrums (see: functional programming rant, discord rant), where he rudely criticizes anyone who has a slightly differing opinion rather than explaining why he disagrees

(not that it isn't incredibly entertaining)

@fribbledom Imagine actively inviting spam to ur repositories

@socketwench thought it was "give a man a program, frustrate him for a day; teach a man to program, frustrate him for a life time"

been enjoying the yakuza series over the past couple weeks, very rich story and immersive world building

@Koehr I feel like rust has more game engines than it does games at this point; any completed/released games known to use rust so far?

@sir supposing the entirety of github suddenly switched over to sourcehut overnight, how much work/money would have to be put into ensuring that reliability wouldn't be impacted?

@sir ah, just realized that performance was referring to in-browser performance. yeah not really a big fan of heavy gitlab pages either

wrt reliability, if sourcehut is only reliable because it has less traffic, then how am i to know that it won't have reliability issues as traffic increases? it's not about being fair, it's just about the meaning of reliability, like "oh i can have xxx uptime while serving yyy users" since having 100% uptime is easy with 0 traffic

@sir id like to hear more about these performance and reliability measurement criteria. if ur not weighing performance and reliability by amount of traffic then i fail to see how these metrics are accurate

@kitsunelli ...except unless humans develop worldwide telepathic communication or just choose to only converse directly with those in their vicinity then this will always be the case?

Now begins the eternal struggle to get gmail to accept emails from my mail server...

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ah yeah, system administration documentation or how I like to call it "~/.bash_history"

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