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i get the added benefit that since nothing but my terminal and browser work, i can force myself to actually learn how to use vim

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what's up with news sites and making me scroll a whole page across an irrelevant full-screen image before i can read the content

working on a new git forge, gonna eventually try to incorporate federation

Relatedly, im kinda shocked how the easiest way for me to rotate a page in a pdf on windows was a free-ish python lib called pypdf2. all the big pdf readers out there either dont support this feature or paywall it

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This sucker took 20 minutes out of my morning. had to wait for it to update and fail multiple times over a total of 3 restarts before it would even let me log in

@protonmail hi, first off, nice to see that my email provider is on mastodon :)

i have a question regarding storing messages offline on android. the app seems to suggest this is a possibility, but i could never get this to actually work; a search through the forum reveals similar struggles among other users. is there a confirmed workaround/fix for this issue?

and on a related note, do you have a public issue tracker since there isn't yet a github repository for the app?


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