It's not too late to join the Friends of Good Software Conference (FroGS Conf) on Thursday 8 September! More info and registration at No problem if you can't be there the full day, it's an online unconference after all. :-)

Probably a lifelong lesson for me:
when struggling with something,
shifting my focus from
being good at it and accomplishing what I want
getting better at it and learning.

"[...], I imagine that the greater the pretense of and insistence on an officially decreed micro-order, the greater the volume of nonconforming practices necessary to sustain that fiction." - Seeing Like a State, James C. Scott

Is this how we got Agile?

There will be more FroGS conf on Thursday 8 September!

The more you separate out the reporting lines of testers, test leads, and test managers from the rest of the development team, the more you encourage reporting on testing instead of reporting on quality.

"Arrivederci, frog!"

Blogged: (clj 9) How to figure out what a function does

The function in question is written in Clojure, so am very curious what people not familiar with Clojure think of this post. (Take note though, it's a long read.)

Played some Dark Souls. Learned some Clojure. Liking this day so far.

Jerry Weinberg's Law of Raspberry Jam says "The wider you spread it, the thinner it gets." I've always thought of that law as a warning, but when it comes to things like refactoring, it's actually a piece of good advice.

Using Jest's setup and teardown (beforeEach and friends) makes me miss 's fixtures...

Aanrader voor mijn mede-zevenvinkers: Privileges en de vinkjes voor nieuw leiderschap | Joris Luyendijk bij de New Female Leaders podcast

The question "Why didn't QA find this?!" can often better be answered through empathy than epistemology.

We're doing a 🐸☕ on Wednesday 8 June 7:30pm CEST. So if you are a friend of good software, please join us!
more info and registration at

PSA: Telling someone their feelings are wrong, is not helpful.

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