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Change management is simple: you decide where you want to be and you go there.

(inspired by Rikard Edgren's statement about testing)

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If you step on someone's foot, they open their mouth, just like trash cans.

Test cases are to testing what recipes are to cooking: a post-hoc formalization of a creative process.

Am 10 koans into Clojure and I think I like this language! It's making my head hurt a little, but in the right way. :-)

Describing different options and explaining why you decided in favor of one of those options is a more powerful story than describing the one option you picked and why.

I just released pytest-instrument v0.3.1!

It should do exactly the same thing as v0.3.0, but this time without messing with other loggers through setLoggerClass.

Just reread this old blog post of mine and am feeling pretty proud of myself: how this tester writes code -

I just released pytest-instrument v0.3.0:

If you ever felt the need to record all test events to file, this is the plugin for you!

- We have apple and banana. I can't think of a fruit with a 'c'.
- Cherry!
- See, this is why we mob.

@admin Nope, not going anywhere. You got this!


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