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New blog post in my journey to learn Clojure: (clj 8) Some notes on lazy sequences and function parameters

Is it fair to evaluate a company based on its custom Slack emojis?

“The Agile Manifesto paints an alluring picture of workplace democracy. The problem is, it’s almost always implemented in workplaces devoted to the bottom line, not to workers’ well-being.“ - Agile and the Long Crisis of Software by Miriam Posner

I'm going to need to make laptop stickers that say "Congruence FTW!"...

My issue with companies combining performance reviews and salary increases: people's performance is not a zero-sum game (quite the opposite actually), while salary increases very much are. So combining the two is misleading employees to maximize labor extraction.

Documentation is like a shared toolshed. Sometimes you get the shiny new hammer. Sometimes you get the axe that first needs sharpening.

Having a CI/CD pipeline is a commodity; practicing CI/CD is a differentiator.

Looked at my shelf with to-read books. There's 34 of them. Feeling rich.

Having seen a number of assessments by job candidates where they are asked to critique user stories, one clear pattern is too much focus on what's unclear in each acceptance criterion, not enough on what's not in the acceptance criteria at all.

Whoever is teaching test engineers to add a comment to each of their tests that adds no information whatsoever compared to the code of the test itself, please stop.

Just got my second jab! 💉💉 Two more weeks until I'm fully vaccinated!

Heuristic: if someone describes their process as "We're doing <method(ology) X>", they most likely aren't.

Skill: distinguishing freedom from negligence.

The problem with that is that each time something goes wrong and you add a process step, your processes get longer and longer, and slower and slower and you build up something I call ‘scar tissue-processes’. - Adrian Cockroft

Is there any science fiction where a giant beam hitting earth from space is a good sign?

One of the best James Hofffmans ever: The Most Wonderfully Absurd Coffee Brewer Ever Made -

Doing too many things at work. Cycle time is suffering. Darnit! Already said no to one thing so I can get back on track.

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