New blog and new quick cheap keyboard review

Using @write_as for the blog and loving it so far. I know, it's not open source but everything else about it is great, especially the ease of use. And it beats that medium place hands down.

@jac @write_as cool! is this blog federating? I can't seem to find a way of following it.

@fcthiesen @write_as Thanks! I do have federation turned on, but haven't tested that out yet.

@jac @write_as I wish they had a Follow this blog on Mastodon button or something ...

@jac @fcthiesen You can search for any blog by its URL in Mastodon, and if it's federating it'll show up -- so that should work here 🙂

I think in the near future we'll have a "Remote Follow" button on the blog itself, too

@write_as I think a remote follow button is a good idea, because most people are lazy like me and won't bother to find out how to do it. :)

@write_as @jac yes I did search for on mastodon but it's not showing 🤷

@jac @write_as
I didn't dive into the platform yet, but it seems image hosting is a premium-only feature? How have you dealed with the images for your text?

@prudentia I have a pro account, upgraded shortly after trying it out. For the features you get I think it's good value, and I find the service worth supporting.

@prudentia Our image hosting (@snap_as) is a paid feature, but you can embed images hosted anywhere on the web -- many people use free services like imgur.

But the price covers our higher costs of hosting photos, so you don't have to worry about them disappearing one day :)


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