it's becoming epidemically idiotic, on mastodon, u c people using the CW NSFW fuck.

nsfw, began 15 years ago, to prevent porn-like stuff ya friend u follow from suddenly popping up on ur screen when ur boss might be behind. Now, it seems anything sensitive, e.g. political opinion, even just plain text, r deemed to warrant, nay, require, a NSFW screen. The milen gen r truly supreme idiots of our times.

@xahlee Are you talking about *any* CW, or only CW labelled "NSFW"?

Because CW doesn't mean NSFW.

@xahlee In that it's content which some people might choose to see and some people might choose not to see? How is this an issue?

I'm fortunate, the only thing which really triggers me is the sight of texts I've sent to exes when I was drunk. But I appreciate CW from someone who tweets… erm… toots on fascinating topics and also boring/annoying topics, that I don't need to see more than one line of boring stuff. Wouldn't want to unfollow someone like that entirely.

@jackdeeth in nature, when tiger eats a puppy, u don't get to say whether u wanna see it.

in fact, u do, especially it's your kin. Because, that builds proper response of how you want to steer things in the future.

@xahlee In nature there is no language, no social media. We're not constrained to the limits faced by tigers and puppies.

@jackdeeth yeah. the question is then, why not wear fire proof clothing at all times. since tech can make it so.

and, invent a glass so that anything you don't want to see are automatically filtered.


@xahlee Why not make it illegal to make buildings which can catch fire easily

@jackdeeth and invent a machine that can be embedded in sex organs at birth so any sexual transgression can be tracked!

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