@kaffeeringe Haha, thank you. As it happens I am already a DuckDuckGo user. A friend pointed this out to me so I tested it in Google anonymously.

Is it not true that in America, your life history and credibility is in full display before a judge & jury when in trial? I think people simply want to know. Even I want to know of his past as he’s made into some kind of martyr. He didn’t need to die. That was reckless excessive force.

@lo That these are the most popular searches from where I'm searching here in the UK stinks of racism to me. I suspect very few people made similar searches to this when a white newspaper vendor was killed by police in London in 2009.

Unfortunately, racism is often in full display in the UK. I've seen it at football matches & it's disgusting. I'm Swiss. I can’t begin to deny it exists in our homogeneous society.

I suppose the best we can do as inherently imperfect humans is to do better. Beginning with ourselves.

@jacklenox pic description: a google page in which is written "george floyd" and which autocomplete with a list of search related to how bad he could have been like "previous convictions", "criminal past", "crime history", etc.

@darckcrystale Thank you, I almost always add captions and totally forgot on this occasion. My apologies. This toot has been far more popular than I anticipated so I'd rather not delete and redraft it now.

@maloki Argh, I almost always add captions and totally forgot on this occasion. Apologies. It's a Google search showing the autocomplete options after typing "george floyd". The top ones are, "previous convictions", "criminal past", "crime history" and "criminal". Caveat: I carried out this search using Google anonymously in Carlisle in the UK.

@jacklenox , Saw this and had to try it myself to see if sim results... And yes, I also got a bunch of suggestions, slightly different from yours, for negative, racist search queries for George Floyd, and none addressing the big, pertinent, topic of importance. And that's a travesty.

@jacklenox I see police violence, autopsy and obituary. The former once in English and once in German. I still wonder how Google decides what people should see. Not that it matters to me, though; I have been consistently using DuckDuckGo for years.

@jacklenox You know, when that Autozone smasher cop alerted the horde to destroy black-owned businesses.
@jacklenox There's no such thing as "systemic racism". Racism is an individual behavior, and yes, given the amount of deceptively edited videos of police confrontations of the last years ( Trevor Martin, Rodney King, etc ) and ridiculous media spin , having an amount of healthy skepticism is advisable. When media does propaganda and activism instead of presenting the information for you to decide, you want to know when the media is lying to you and how.

@jacklenox Google search results differ from person to person based on your search history, location, etc. I haven't used #Google in a while, instead I use #DuckDuckGo.

@gerowen Same, I searched this anonymously without ever using Google – so this is entirely based on my geography. Someone else in the UK brought this to my attention as they were seeing the same thing.

@jacklenox I see that Google has been working with that sellout Candace Owens

What would you type after his name in a search?

That's why I was searching his name in the first place.

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