As a recovering car enthusiast, this piece really strikes a chord with me. Perhaps more relevant now than it was when it was first written in 1973.

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Any response from the Government on the IPCC report that came out yesterday urging immediate action on climate change? Yep, @[email protected] is thinking about upping how many earthquakes a fracking site can cause before it has to halt operations... WTAF?

Planted about a thousand new acorns across this patch of recovering forest on Lonscale Fell with the Woodland Trust. Here's hoping a few of them make it!

Ludicrously amazing developments in the land of @[email protected] when it comes to optimisation. Hat tip to @[email protected] and the team. This is a big web sustainability win too.

Just a reminder that sometimes the Internet can be beautiful...

The BBC lost the plot on Brexit when it started inviting Farage onto Question Time as a regular panelist. But I've just got round to reading @[email protected]'s "How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit". It's a blisteringly good read:

There's every possibility that Churchill would heartily approve of this.

It is deeply troubling that one of the biggest financial backers of the Leave campaign has massively eclipsed his donations by betting that the British economy would do badly as a result of Brexit. How messed up is that? 🤦‍♂️

Haven't contacted your MEP about the European 'Copyright Directive' yet? Here's a very good template that you can adapt to your own needs:

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