Excellent to see @[email protected] on @[email protected] This is surely the future of ride-hailing services in towns and cities! πŸ’š 🚲

While Google's down, I want to take the opportunity to highlight the new, "carbon neutral", addition in its footer that links to its sustainability policy. Pleased to see this.

Having completely failed at all the usual engagement stuff, I have nevertheless successfully grown a moustache. So instead of me badgering people all month, I'm going to lay it on thick, one time only.

In the UK, suicide is the highest cause of death among men under the age of 45. One reason for this is that men are less likely to ask for help, or express depressive or suicidal feelings.

Help me stop men dying too young: uk.movember.com/mospace/999930

Thank you.

I forgot to post here, but on Friday I really enjoyed being on @[email protected]'s morning panel discussion. Here's me talking about the channel crossings. So ashamed of our Government. 😞

One is an insane psychopath who seems to take pleasure from the deaths of others, the other is Michael Myers from the Halloween films.

I never thought I'd say this, but can I hear more from Theresa please?

I know the disposable cup isn't a good look. But my first flat white in over two months is tasting sweeter than ever. Thank you @[email protected]!

From today's Friday Panel on @[email protected] As part of a green recovery, we ought to be:

🚲 Redesigning our roads for walking and cycling
🏚️ Retrofitting our inefficient and poorly insulated homes
🌳 Planting trees!

Photo of Rotterdam Centraal Station by Jurriaan Snikkers.

Really enjoyed being on @[email protected]'s Friday Panel this morning with @[email protected] Our Government is setting us up for failure so that it can blame its mismanagement of the -19 outbreak on people "who don't have enough common sense".

Tree planting volunteer party at Skelgill Farm in Newlands Valley. I've done about 10 so far. Just 699,999,990 to go!

A surreal and hilarious moment in the European Parliament when an ill-informed Brexit Party MEP questions the academic credentials of the Green Party's Molly Scott Cato MEP. πŸ˜‚

More than 2,000 years later, this 1st century BCE Roman bridge is still standing.

Free chargers all over Verona (and free WiFi throughout the city) via their smart city app.

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