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I would really like to see a straight forward but safe solution for that.

A moves to B

Probably something like: Instance A sends a move request to instance B. B accepts this moving request and sends an ACK back to A. A informs instances to look at B now.

People get a notification to approve the movement.

Additionally after B confirmed A that it takes over the account, content could be moved as well.


@zyx It's a shame you can't easily shift your followers to a new account on a different instance. I wonder how that could be fixed. 🤔

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tip for straight men: fight toxic masculinity by using heart emojis with your friends and telling friends that you love them without qualifying it with "no homo"

love, ur resident homo that fuckin loves their friends

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"Diverse workspaces will come when we become comfortable sharing the uncomfortable." ThoughtWorker @mai_ya_sei shares why we must encourage more people to open up about their experiences.

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brexit, food, stockpiling 

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Pop!_OS 18.04: the state of the art in GNU/Linux on desktop

(And making the case for keeping the App Menu in Gnome 3.)

CC @gnome @todd @cassidyjames

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In case you missed it:

#GetTogether, the open source federated alternative to, now has its own Mastodon account:


#Alternatives #ActivityPub #MeetUp #FOSS #OpenSource

The BBC lost the plot on Brexit when it started inviting Farage onto Question Time as a regular panelist. But I've just got round to reading @[email protected]'s "How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit". It's a blisteringly good read:

"Going on a march doesn't need to have a direct outcome. It makes people feel better, feel connected and feel together. It can be an end. It doesn't have to be a means." Sage wisdom from @[email protected] on the latest @[email protected] (Bit paraphrased because I don't want to rewind!) is now nearer to 6KB thanks to a manual rewrite of the SVG!

There's every possibility that Churchill would heartily approve of this.

Glad to see @[email protected] on the @[email protected] again. I do find it distressing when she doesn't pop up somewhere each day on @[email protected]' coverage. Totally reasonable that a mouthpiece for the shady @[email protected] gets so much licence-fee payer funded airtime.

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you can help to make the demands of #amazon worker being met.

stop use any of their service at least until demands are met.

Not buying on amazon during the strike to just relay it for some days after is not helping. You send the same amount of cash, but during a time it's easier to handle for amazon, cause no one/less strikes.

boycott amazon at least until workers current demands are met.
doing else it taking part in opression of workers right.

now you know it.
you choose.

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