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Free charging at the offices of StWB (Stadtwerke Brandenburg), the local energy company serving the town of Brandenburg an der Havel and surrounding area. Since April 2018 the company has provided nothing but 100% renewable energy (Ökostrom, if you speak German). Thank you!

🚲 Excellent blog post by my friend @rachelmsquirrel about the value of bike paths, and a hopeful new outlook for central Aberdeen:

Currently reading Dear Mr Harper, the excellent biography of Robin Harper, Britain's first Green parliamentarian. Stumbled upon this bit about Andrew Neil's editorship of The Scotsman. I'll never understand why the BBC think it's ok to employ him as an unbiased political commentator.

Who will they employ to replace him when he retires? Paul Dacre?

"The four-way split of the vote in Peterborough means that all of that city is now represented by an MP who won with less than a third of the vote. This could be replayed on a national scale. At a general election, there could be scores of Peterboroughs."

Today I've stumbled upon an excellent resource by @[email protected] for those working in tech who are concerned about the environmental impact of the work we do:

And by happy coincidence it also just so happens to be

Thought-provoking piece from @[email protected]: "People could be allocated polluting credits to cover activities such as meat eating and flying that they can sell and buy in an online marketplace."

"This, then, is what a solution to the Labour party antisemitism crisis will have to look like, now that dialogue and conflict resolution have proved to be dead ends: an acknowledgment from the anti-Zionist left that anti-racist solidarity with those seen as despicable Zionist Jews must be unconditional. This is what I call “sullen solidarity” – and it is the most powerful form of solidarity there is."

Excellent article from Keith Kahn-Harris in yesterday's Guardian.

"We came first in places like Brighton and Sheffield Central, Norwich and Bristol. So there is a real potential now to build on that vote in those places knowing that people want to see a Green MP."

Sterling performance as ever from @jon_bartley on @business yesterday.

Quick fact check of The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4: Nigel Farage has NOT won "a crushing victory" in the European elections. These elections are proportional and form part of a much larger body. In no sense does winning about a third of the vote in the UK amount to "a crushing victory". I don't know why the BBC seem to do Farage's PR for him.

"By now, all new homes should have been carbon-zero. It was a central policy of the Conservative Party’s green agenda a decade ago. But it was scrapped in 2015, months before it was due to come into force."

Oh. So it turns out the Brexit referendum wasn't the "largest democratic exercise in the UK's history". A claim made by many including our prime minister.

Hint: More people voted in the 1992 general election. It also had a higher turnout rate, as did other elections in the 20th century.

Excellent post from @[email protected] If we can do it, so can you: Start measuring your organisation’s carbon footprint:

As a recovering car enthusiast, this piece really strikes a chord with me. Perhaps more relevant now than it was when it was first written in 1973.

In the wake of the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, climate change denying, literal fascist that has just been elected in Brazil, it's important to remain positive. So read this. yw

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