The memorial for International Workers, Inverness. Rather nice.
nternational Workers' Memorial Day
28th April
Cuimhich Air Na Mairbh - Dean Stri Airson Nam Beo
Remember The Dead - Fight For The Living
Inverness and District Trades Union Council
With support from
The Highland Council
Common Good Fund


Well, I worked for many years in a community bike shop (with another Normand) and we where all passionate of bike mechanics and bought few different types of chain measuring tools. Only to find out that the best tool is probably... a simple ruler. You have to do it carefully, but this is easy.


The implicit fact of the unions calling off strikes this week with regards to the queen, is that if the bosses want the stations and depots to keep running they will have to sacrifice a new monarch once weekly

😻 פֿאַראַן צו באַקומען:
„נאָט פּערפֿעקט בוט סטילל גאָאָד“ קאַץ פֿון @/jasminesyancey (טוויטער)
£2 פֿירגעלייגט, ביז £0

😻 back in stock:
"not perfect but still good" cat by @/jasminesyancey (twitter)
£2 suggested, down to £0

Our latest blog post is here! Read ahead to find out about our plans and progress for responsive apps in elementary OS

⭐ Achievement unlocked:

🇫🇷 #ContraChrome in French is here! 🎉

Read an download for free at


A million thanks to everyone involved in the translation efforts at @Framasoft, especially @goofy and the ever eagle-eyed Calimero.✨

I will follow this announcement up with a post in French - feel free to spread that post to Francophone corners of the Fediverse! :fediverse:

Merci and thank you for not reading this on #Chrome!
🛡️ 🌀 🛡️

#privacy #comic #comics

Playing with Jonas' latest WIP mobile shell branch. It's honestly more fluid than my Android phone with Lineage, super impressive given the much weaker hardware ✨️

People armed themselves
with pipes, hooks, steel rods, hatchets,
saws, and machetes

Superglue: for when something's broken and you want to glue the pieces to your fingers

Security TayTay says “Map on #OpenStreetMap

RT @[email protected]

ProTip: If delivery people are always having problems getting to your place you might need to do some scouting on OpenStreetMap, which is the dataset that powers a lot of routing software. A street was incorrectly marked one-way near me and I fixed it now people don't get lost 💁‍♀️


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