'Some pi fonts har­boured even rarer char­ac­ters, as can be seen in the 1935 edi­tion of Madeline Bran­de­is’s book Car­men of the Golden Coast. These are hon­est-to-God ty­po­graphic smi­leys, prin­ted thirty years be­fore Har­vey Ball got the credit for in­vent­ing them and sixty be­fore Shi­ge­t­aka Kur­ita im­mor­tal­ised them in pixels... Cer­tainly, this is the only pre-emoji prin­ted work I’ve come across that con­tains “🙂” and “😭︎” as in­di­vidual glyphs...'


I don't know what Shady Characters does to its text encoding that Vivaldi's spellchecker doesn't understand. 😕

The upper line was typed manually by me; the lower is pasted from shadycharacters.co.uk/2018/10/

Ah, soft hyphens: Notepad++ sees that text as 'prin-ted thirty years be-fore'. Not all the multisyllabic words have them, though, which is why the spellchecker's underlining seems arbitrary.

I wonder how the soft hyphens were generated. 'Shi-ge-t-aka Kur-ita' doesn't match Japanese phonetic structure, and I have doubts about 'Bran-de-is'.

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