I don't mind a strip on the bottom of the page asking for donations. But suddenly it is covering the majority of the page. 🤔 mstdn.io/media/ltcB7zW912EAusD

It shows also the "Super Admin" password, which allows better access to the device (and which was probably meant to be used only by the company that makes this router). mstdn.io/media/mZ-cg8pvNujTLXu

I just dropped all my SD cards and the biggest one (32 GB) just shattered into pieces. I'm quite surprised, how smol'n'tiny the is though. My life has been a lie! 😃

(But it still works, so a little bit of glue should fix it.) mstdn.io/media/GBfZvjEgXUhLiDY

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