Sigo con mis pruebas con mastodon. Encontré un servidor mexicano por lo que estaré en para temas generales, y en para todo lo relacionado con Linux. Estaré 'migrando' las cuentas que sigo a la instancia de
#Consulta sobre compra de portátil

Una amiga me pregunta y yo no estoy al día de estas cosas pues el mío ya tiene 4 años.

Quiere un portátil para ponerle #GNULinux. Uso normal, Internet, ver pelis y algo de edición de vídeo con #Openshot esporádicamente.

1.- No tengo ni idea de cómo está actualmente el tema de las #UEFI y eso, Mageia dice que es compatible UEFI, pero no sé exactamente la guerra que dan.

2.- ¿Es fácil comprar un portátil sin sistema operativo? O con algún Linux que sería más fácil instalarle #Mageia (que es la que yo conozco).

3.- Requerimientos de máquina. ¿Un i3 con 8Gb vale?

Y cualquier otra cosa que se os ocurra. Gracias. :)

PLease no more bread jokes I don't knead this in my life.

If you leave the "sent from my iPhone" footer in your emails then you should know I think you're an asshole.
Just sayin'.

I actually care about my OS choice and I don't advertise that stuff to everyone I'm emailing.

Lately I've been working on a bunch of tiny commissions imitating the style of Romanesque stained glass (appx 12th century), and here are two of my favorites! These are both ink, watercolor, and colored pencil on bristol paper. Characters belong to guldentusks.tumblr and coeykuhn.tumblr

I'm in Mexico for two weeks. Bought a cellphone plan while I'm there...

200mb data... 1500mb for Facebook

Net neutrality hijo de puta.

Net neutrality.

Oh well I need my internets and I had no alternatives 😂🔫

Dices mientras sale en tu pantalla una pantalla azul.
¿Y tu me lo preguntas? Hacktivista esres tu...

Desabrochad las orejas para digerir el nuevo podcast de la gente de Autodefensa Informática @ai

Will #PaleMoon support WebExtensions? Show more

Los niños de las favelas obligados por ley a llevar su grupo sanguíneo bien en evidencia. Los efectos de la guerra perdida contra la droga.
War on drugs genocide.

Antifa : "Je vais retourner dans le passé et tuer Hitler !"

Libéraux : "Et la liberté d'expression ? Toujours la violence. Tuer Hitler, et puis qui ensuite ? Dictat de la bien-pensance gauchiste."

Nazi : "Alors que moi, je vais aller tuer Staline !"

Libéraux : "BRAVO ! Enfin quelqu'un qui ose le dire ! Staline était un criminel, et les communistes sont des monstres, des voleurs qui soutiennent ce modèle de dictature de l'URSS, c'est eux les vrais fascistes, comme disait Orwell !"

I have two mastodon accounts. I installed this theme in one so I won't mix them up. You need addon on Edit the first line of the script so that your instance gets themed.


@aparrish @brennen @bstacey I don't know whether everyone does understand that everything goes through Twitter's computers. I remember someone once saying they thought their LinkedIn profile was on their computer! But because centralised services are so mainstream and easy to use, people don't have to actually think about how they work (although they probably should).

@aparrish I've gotten good results out of saying things like "think: email." Once they go "oh?", my pitch is "you can be, I can be, but we can still talk and listen to each other even though our servers are run by different people."

I'm deep into this shit, so I admit I'm not a good judge, but federation as a concept seems to me about as complicated as the idea that we all have different clocks that show the same time; but still, in discussions about mastodon adoption I keep seeing this same performative bewilderment, like "what's 'federation', probably a complicated NERD thing and I'm NOT a nerd so I'll stick with twitter/fb." people refusing to understand before even trying to understand. why is this/how to mitigate?

Every time you write code that requires Chrome or CEF or Electron, just remember: you are giving Google control over you and your users.

You are letting them dictate what you can and cannot do. You are letting them view your user's potentially private activities (URLs are always sent to Google without Debian's patch set).

You are becoming a part of their toxic culture, their neocapitalism.

Remember that.

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