TFW you actually regret the decisions you made that you thought would lead to something great. Such is life.

Sold my gaming laptop, so now I have the money for a 3080!

Meanwhile, I bought an M.2-PCIe adapter from Micro Center today. Got it set up with the old 500GB SSD from my laptop, plugged it in, and got Manjaro installed in a heart beat (my other Linux SATA SSD died a few days ago).

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My 1TB NVMe died today. Started with my motherboard not being able to see it last night, but I managed to install Windows and boot to it this morning. Upgraded the firmware, then Windows went to sleep. Came back to wake it, PC crashed to BIOS without the NVMe to be seen; even GParted can't find it. It's less than a year old, though, so Corsair oughta replace it.

Dark Souls II had a lot of issues, but I think it hit the philosophy stuff much harder than either Dark Souls I or III. It definitely asked a lot of questions about the nature of man, the curse, and the cycle that keeps repeating because of Gwyn's First Sin.

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"There is no path. Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of Dark... what could possibly await us? And yet, we seek it, insatiably... Such is our fate"

Considering I just switched from Nvidia to AMD, I reinstalled Windows. Means I'll have to do it again when I get a 30xx series card, but who knows when that will be (need to sell my laptop first).

Traded my 2080 Ti to a guy here in DC for a 5700 XT plus some cash. Got it installed in my system and now I need to reinstall Windows to remove all Nvidia bits.

This will be my card until 3080s are in stock and have been vetted. Maybe I can wait until we know more about 30xx series, including if there will be a 3080 Ti.

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Then I can donate the card to my wife's PC build. She'll only be doing 1080p gaming, so this card will be more than enough for her.

Excited to buy one. I like AMD cards a lot better for Linux.

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Nah, I'm gonna pick up a Radeon 5700XT since they're pretty cheap and have very good performance. That should tide me over until 3080s are: a. available, and b. thoroughly tested by the likes of GamersNexus and Digital Foundry. If I have the 5700XT, I think I can be happy for a few months. It should be enough power to play Cyberpunk 2077.

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Guess I'll have to boot up the ol' PS4. Thankfully, I have a spare Radeon GPU laying around, so I can still use my PC for work purposes.

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Sold my 2080 Ti and I'm preparing to sell my gaming laptop. Means I'll be without a gaming machine until I can get an RTX 3080 (preferably from EVGA).

Interview went well. It was a nice conversation with the Android Central Managing Editor. If I'm selected for the next stage, there will be a more formal, skills-based interview.

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So Nvidia figured things out. The 3070 is on par with the 2080 Ti for less than half the cost. Not to mention the 3080 for $800. Of course, my eye in the 3090 because I'm an idiot whose eyes are bigger than his wallet.

I won't say what it is yet, but it could be a huge step for my career and getting back into writing full-time.

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I found out today that I'm under consideration for a salaried position at Android Central.

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