I lost 8 pounds already, so keto and IF are off to a good start. Can't run for at least two weeks because of really bad shin splints, but I'll sub in strength training every day instead.

Built a server last week out of old parts. It's running an FX-8350, 32GB of DDR3 RAM, a 240GB SATA SSD, and an R7 360. I chose Manjaro for the distro simply because I like it. My NAS is connected over samba for Plex and I have it running calibre for my ebook library.

Using my old FX-8350 and motherboard, I built a Linux box. Found the smallest ATX case I could, got a new PSU, and spent most of the last 24 hours fighting to get it to boot. It finally did and I have Manjaro installed.

I just hate Windows and I'm growing more paranoid about Microsoft with each passing day.

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Considering trying my PCI passthrough on a VM again for gaming needs. If I can figure out the audio lag issues, I'll gladly do it again.

So I'll be spending the night getting Pi-Hole and Plex set back up.

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Between Plex and calibre, my 32GB SD card on my Raspberry Pi filled up. Since my command line abilities aren't great, I decided to nuke the whole thing and start over with an external drive attached.

Don't like Fedora enough to go try it out right now, so I'll be patient.

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Gnome 40 sure looks interesting. I look forward to it arriving on Pop OS.

I finally got a calibre ebook server running on my first Raspberry Pi. It took several hours of facepalming frustration, but I finally succeeded. Turns out, calibredb (the CLI tool) is nowhere near as user friendly as the GUI. Documentation isn't the best, either.

While I'm waiting for the huge list of Calibre dependencies to install, I figured I'd see about getting KDE running on WSL.

Alright, next RPi project might be a bit tricky. I'm going to create a Calibre ebook server.

And to think, I just bought Fire Emblem: Three Houses and I haven't even launched it yet! Been too excited about my new router (UniFi Dream Machine), my VLAN setups, and now my first two Raspberry Pi projects.

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I've been at this series of projects for several hours and I just realized what time it is. Gonna be a short night.

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So tonight I: bought a Raspberry Pi 4, installed Ubuntu Server, installed Pi-Hole with Unbound, setup auto NAS share mounting to the RPi, and installed Plex as a temporary stay until I build a full server for it.

Just scored a brand-new 4u chassis off ebay for $65. There was about 100 of these up for sale. They appear to be a version of the istar d-400 that was customized for a vendor.


only 4 left.

here's the istar d-400 I think these were customized from.


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