Even where I live in the DC area, things are really tense.

My Glorious Model D mouse came in. Finally, a mouse to fit my hands (21cm x 18.5cm) and it feels great. The 69g weight is practically nothing, the huge skates make sure it glides across my mouse mat, and the whole thing feels like a dream come true.

Yep, tracking info is showing next week. Wish Amazon accepted PayPal.

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My Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler just ain't doing it anymore, so I picked up an EVGA CLC 280 on sale. Knowing Newegg, I won't see it til next week or the week after.

Got a TP-Link AC1200 router for $10 on Facebook, which I turned into an AP to extend my Wifi range in my house. Took me a while to figure out how to wire from my main router in my basement office to the main floor where I mounted the AP. Forgot I had gigabit powerline adapters, which turned out to work just fine. Top floor has much better Wifi now.


The #PinePhone UBports Community Edition will be available for some time yet, but if you want your unit to ship this month, then place your order before the coming weekend. Just putting it out there for those on the fence so no one complains later :)

In a last ditch effort to resolve the audio latency in my vm, I picked up a Sound Blaster Z sound card to pass directly to the vm. If nothing else, my audio experience is about to get much better.

No clue about battery life yet, but using Pop_OS reminds me how much I hate GNOME. Bummer is, GNOME is the only DE on Pop_OS that has the toggle for power mode/GPU mode.

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Never mind, something is still wrong. Booted up the vm this morning and it was back to pretty bad latency. E.g. shoot the DMR in Reach, wait a second, then gunshot sound.

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Thanks to Scream, I have much less audio latency in my virtual machine. It's not infuriating now.

Threw Pop_OS on my spare drive in my Mag-15 gaming laptop. Going to test out the hybrid graphics option to see what kind of battery life I can get.

It's a day for keyboards. I just ordered my purple Tofu65 case for my Laser board build. Still need my PCB (out of stock), plate, and switches (Halo True), but those can all wait; plus, I need a new soldering iron. For now, I'll have my gaming GMMK to make life easier, then I can slowly get the parts I need for my 65% Laser build.

All told, this board is going to be expensive. lol Stupid mechanical keyboard hobby.

I think that I'm stressing out about nothing. I could just use some of my more research-heavy articles that I've written over the years.

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This job I'm applying for is intense. They want a full research paper as part of your application materials, plus a cover letter. Opening ends tomorrow night. Guess I have a lot of work to do.

My GMMK TKL keyboard is on its way! Ordered with Kailh Box Black switches and thick O-ring dampeners. Already have key caps for it (Elvish dual-legends). Excited to be rid of my full-size K70 monstrosity (and to be rid of MX Red switches).

Only bummer would be getting the four 2.5" HDDs I'd need, but that's the extra cost hidden in every NAS build.

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