Adding inspirational Skeletor memes to my Mastodon timeline was the best thing I've done in a while. I always laugh when I check Mastodon now. Thanks for the work, @Skeletor!

There is little in this world I dislike more than moving.

Skeletor memes have actually made my day better.

we need a law that says it's illegal to prosecute someone for pirating things that are no longer sold

(also we should just make DRM illegal and have a general copyright reform, but whatever)

Before I tackle the insanity that is Lexy's Legacy of the Dragonborn ultra mod setup for Skyrim SE, I'm going to mod Oblivion.

After using both extensively, I can safely say that, in my opinion, Telegram X is superior to the main Telegram app. It's slicker, faster, and best of all... you can change the emoji appearance to the almighty blobmoji. Insta-win.

My first day of solid meetings and I can barely stay awake. Oops. Not good for the technical writer (who's also the scribe) to zone out and fall asleep.

Sometimes, you look at your life in shambles and wonder where it all went wrong.

Windows 10 1903 finally hit my desktop. Yippee... 🙄

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