Twitter is worse than usual today because of the impeachment hearings. Ugh.

Woo, Nvidia440 drivers just hit Manjaro. Let's go.

Elvish dual-legend keycaps arrived today! I have a board in mind for them already.

Just pre-ordered The Master Chief Collection on Steam. $40 for the whole thing is a steal.

Well, I applied for it. Let's see what happens.

If LinkedIn lands me this seemingly perfect job, I'll be floored.

Wow, I've really slid backwards since being off my medication. Not good. Too bad I'm too lazy to schedule an appointment to get a new prescription.

I definitely made the wrong decision when choosing my Bachelor's major.

The last three months have taught me that I'm most certainly not cut out to be a technical writer.

I really hope Amazon can pull off this Wheel of Time show.

TFW you're so bored at work, you fall asleep at any given chance.

Adding inspirational Skeletor memes to my Mastodon timeline was the best thing I've done in a while. I always laugh when I check Mastodon now. Thanks for the work, @Skeletor!

There is little in this world I dislike more than moving.

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