I don't like stock GNOME, but I do enjoy Glorious Eggroll's GNOME tweaks. It gives me a KDE-like feel with GNOME's strengths.

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Decided to distro hop to Nobara, a Fedora fork for gaming, on my main PC. I like Fedora a lot on my work machine, and as much as I love Manjaro, it has always broken itself eventually. I want stability on both my gaming and work PCs.

GrapheneOS' minimalism strongly encourages me to use the phone less. I quite like it.

Going to test my data analytics skills by making a backlog database that I can query when I'm deciding on a game to play.

I don't think installing a PCI-e sound card will work physically in the server I'm planning to build, though it might work software-wise. Just have Proxmox pass the sound card to the VM running MPD.

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Welp, I should have figured this. My NAS doesn't have a sound card, so the only thing MPD can output to is an HTTP stream that's... not good. Perhaps I should just run the MPD server on something else with a built-in sound card, which my current VM host has. But what happens when I move to a blade server in the future?

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Playing with running an MPD server off my NAS versus using Plex or NFS connections.

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If you're on the Fediverse and you want to host code for libre software and other collaborative projects, you might want to check out @gitea:


It's free, open source and it's currently in process of adding Fediverse compatibility through ActivityPub, the same standard that Mastodon etc use to communicate with each other.

You can see some of the Gitea instances that already have experimental Fediverse connections listed at fedidb.org/software/gitea

If you're just looking for a Gitea instance to join, there's @codeberg at codeberg.org

To see the current state of federated forges, have a look at the @forgefriends blog post at forgefriends.org/blog/2022/06/

#FediTips #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Gitea #ForgeFed #GitHub #GitLab #Alternatives

I watched a beginner how-to and I'm still lost. I can only figure out how to build back walls, not siding walls.

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So… how do you actually play Terraria?

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I *finally* got /e/OS to install properly on my Pixel 4a. The e recovery wasn’t performing a factory reset properly. That might explain my Zenfone 8 issues yesterday, but I’ll test that later. For now, I at last have a Pixel 5 on GrapheneOS and a Pixel 4a on /e/OS, just in time for my article.

So far, attempting to install /e/OS on a Pixel 4a isn't going well. The "easy installer" failed at the ROM download portion, which is laughable (looks like a checksum mismatch, which is odd). So I installed the ROM manually via adb, but I think it's stuck in an infinite boot animation. Perhaps I'm just impatient.

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If you use Android, you can find lots of Fediverse-related apps and other free open source software on @fdroidorg, an alternative to Google Play which emphasises privacy and ethical software.

Also, some apps which cost money on Google Play are free of charge on F-Droid, such as Fedilab @apps. (This is because the app devs encourage people to use F-Droid.)

Due to Google's anti-competition roadblocks, it's slightly tricky to install F-Droid, but once it's installed it's very easy to use. It looks and works very much like a normal app store.

If you are comfortable using an APK file you can get it from F-Droid's website at f-droid.org

For less technical people, there's a step-by-step beginner's guide to installing F-Droid at:


#Fediverse #Android #FediTips #FOSS #Libre #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #DeGoogle #GooglePlay #Alternatives #FDroid

GrapheneOS seems pretty good so far. Committing to a Google-less experience, so I'm getting my apps through F-Droid (which I feel better about anyway).

I managed to get GrapheneOS installed on my Pixel 5 after an attempt at /e/OS nearly bricked the phone. I'm not sure what's up with /e/OS, but the documentation has only led to severe errors.

Wiping data in recovery doesn't seem to work, either. Same symptoms. I'm trying to restore to stock. I'll give /e/ OS a try on my Pixel 5. I might have better luck there.

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After I assume the device boots, I get a black screen and a lock sound if I press the power button. Then I think the device shuts off and won't power back on again unless I use the hardware bootloader shortcut. I can load into recovery at least.

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Attempting to install @efoundation on an Asus Zenfone 8. The process has not been smooth thus far. I ran into issues with the latest build installing. I got an older build to install over adb properly, but the device still won't boot. I just get a black screen with white bars. I'm not new to custom ROMs, nor /e/ OS, but this is just odd.

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