She was being cute while I was shooting photos for my next article.

This may be one of my best purchases ever. I use it to control my host OS when I'm running the gaming vm. It flips over for a multi-input touchpad. About the size of a small smartphone. $25 well spent.

30+ hours in and my girl finally got out of the Defender armor into something that I earned. Farmed Nergigante I don't know how many times to get the set. Still missing the helmet, but the eyepatch has better stats anyway.

This is how the phone spends its time now. Constant bootloop.

Never thought I'd see this. Excited for D2 to jump over to Steam. Bnet is not my favorite platform.

2080 Ti is in! Loving this thing already, even though it didn't fit in my case without moving some stuff around.

Firefox in Ubuntu, which is installed/running on my phone which I've VNC'd into for a GUI.

I tweaked my last image. Mountain lakes are one of my favorite geographic features on this planet.

i finally managed to do something. This is my first attempt at, my first foray into, digital terrain rendering. I'm planning to use it as medium to express some measure of artistry that I otherwise lack, mostly because I can't draw or paint. This has many faults, including an artifact from some rendering issue, but I loved making the attempt. And along the way, I found out that my Ryzen 1700X is not up to this task. So, of course, I immediately started looking at mini ITX Threadripper builds.

Sometimes when faced with existential dread due to the realization and acceptance of cosmic nihilism, it's okay to humor a cat's anthropomorphic/projected belief that my existence is predicated on hers.

Or have a cute cat picture for . Take your pick.


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