@codewiz I don't think so. Maybe it's just a matter of what I'm used to, but I find it much faster to read kanji. At the very least, I feel like there'd need to be space around words in kana if you did pure kana.

@codewiz I found hinative.com/ja/questions/1117, where the German native gives a long explanation about the difference between 腹切り and 切腹 and the Japanese native is just like "同じですよ"

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"I'm the most militaristic person ever."

Who could have possibly said this? Certainly some crazy dictator of some totalitarian regime?

You guessed it! 😂


@codewiz I've never been, but after seeing all of your pictures I really want to travel there some time.

@codewiz Nevermind, I see that the DoH issue that they raise is of leaking queries to your DNS server, not leaking your IP.

I agree that they're giving bad advice. It's not clear that using Mullvad's DNS buys you any extra security (depends on your threat model I guess), and if you disable DoH in Firefox, once you stop using the VPN, your DNS requests are going over the open internet in the clear again.

@codewiz Do you think it would work to run Firefox in a Linux container and only expose the VPN interface to that container?

@codewiz can't Mullvad already see which sites you're connecting to with SNI?

Regardless, I feel like the best advice would be to make sure Firefox can only use the VPN interface, but maybe that's hard to setup? I've never tried but conceptually it doesn't sound like it should be hard, and it's way more robust than hoping that your browser isn't leaking info on the wrong interface due to some new feature.

@codewiz Beautiful presentation. How were the soy cheese cubes? I wonder how they make them...

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@codewiz I'm definitely guilty of using あなた too much at Japanese conversation groups. Yeah, it is kind of weird that あなた is both extremely distant and used for a wife talking to her husband.

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American army: Fights wherever they can.
France army: Mostly the same with most focus on Africa?
China army: Helps fighting the corona-virus.
Japanese Self-Defense Forces: Builds their own snow sculpture.


@codewiz @benoit I don't think 戻る is necessarily more common. According to this article, for going home, in most contexts, 戻る sounds unnatural: alc.co.jp/jpn/article/faq/03/2.

My takeaway is that 帰る has a "warmer" feeling to it, if that makes any sense.

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So the Coronavirus was probably passed from animals to humans at a wild-animal-market.

Why is it that I haven't read a single take on the animal rights aspect of this? Can we not just leave animals alone? Both animals and humans would clearly profit.

#Corona #Coronavirus #vegan

@codewiz all I understood was this
the guy: verdure
grandmas: :blob_confused: :blob_anguished:

@codewiz Complete with an arrow, lest you were considering peeing in the opposite direction of the urinal

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Last release of uBlock Origin rejected from google chrome webstore for BS reason "not complying with webstore policy". Gorhill (main dev taking privacy seriously unlike uBlock and adblock devs) won't bother trying to push back. He's right. Just don't bother with chrome. Time to drop support.

Switch away from chrome if you didn't already. A browser where blocking ads at a technical level is made harder and harder, and now this kind of barrier...

#ublock #chrome #google


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