@codewiz Complete with an arrow, lest you were considering peeing in the opposite direction of the urinal

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Last release of uBlock Origin rejected from google chrome webstore for BS reason "not complying with webstore policy". Gorhill (main dev taking privacy seriously unlike uBlock and adblock devs) won't bother trying to push back. He's right. Just don't bother with chrome. Time to drop support.

Switch away from chrome if you didn't already. A browser where blocking ads at a technical level is made harder and harder, and now this kind of barrier...

#ublock #chrome #google


@benoit @codewiz からかい上手の高木さん it's a really cute, lighthearted anime. Also sad that it's over :blob_cry:

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@admin thanks for standing by your principles and not giving into the angry mob

@codewiz yeah I liked it at first it seems to have fizzled out. The last two episodes were super boring.


@codewiz I've tried it, and it's pretty good, but the impossible burger is far closer in texture, appearance, and flavor to actual meat than the beyond burger. I actually prefer the beyond burger, since the impossible burger is so close to meat that the first time I tried the 2.0 version, I freaked out a little because I thought they mixed up and gave me actual meat.

@codewiz that duck is like wtf did you do to my pond

@codewiz still figuring that out I guess. Right now really all I need is backup, not file syncing, but I'm trying to think of a system that would work if I had multiple machines/servers and wanted the environment to feel the same/have the same data available across all of them. Maybe that goal doesn't really make sense, as if I have multiple machines they're probably all for different purposes. Or at least there are different kinds of data and I don't want everything synced across all devices

@freakazoid @racuna @codewiz Unison looks good for syncing between two machines, but maybe more of a pain to setup for 3+ machines.

After reading a lot about git-annex and syncthing today, I'm still undecided. syncthing seems more user friendly, but git-annex seems more configurable (e.g. can specify number of replicas for each repo, whereas syncthing always replicates everything to each repo from what I understand).

@codewiz do you have any recommendations for keeping files in sync between multiple servers? syncthing, git-annex, something else? Choice overload: wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/S

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@jeeves Mastodon has a single-column web UI now, and it's the default for new users: blog.joinmastodon.org/2019/06/

@codewiz Maintaining a study routine while traveling is so hard; I almost always build up a backlog of flashcards to review when traveling. I don't think they mixed up the questions. Some of the wrong answers were kanji/words that I'd consider above N3, but the correct answers were about right for that level I think.

@codewiz What does your study routine look like now days? How much time are you spending?

@codewiz I'm still doing about an hour of flash card review every day, but I haven't been adding new cards much this year. On top of that I've been reading a lot more (around 30 mins a day, sometimes an hour if I really get into the story).

@sa2b It's a big commitment (expect to put in at least an hour a day of work if you want to improve at a decent pace), but it's rewarding.

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