It is some kind of irony that Richard Stallman's previous role at the FSF is cumulatively summarized as advocating for "development of open source software." source: 

rms, a defense of free software 

congrats to @jflory7 "It's official now! I'm beyond excited to announce I'm interning with @UNICEF from January to May, working on a humanitarian software project! I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to work with @UNICEFinnovate, @mikefabrikant, and the team on !"

The fourth of May is - besides Star Wars day - the evening Denmark was liberated from German occupation in 1945. and thus marks the end of the Second World War here.

People put candles in the window to remind each other of the two words: Never again!

I haven't done it for some years, but in light... of resent stupidity I placed these two electric candles in the window. Just as a precaution.

Know someone who should be but isn't a Foundation member? Tell them—they may not realize they're eligible. #IAMGNOME !gnomedesktop 

500 character messages feels like Twitter with expansion pack DLC. :joy:


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