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Implemented the last opcode which allows to wait for key input. This is harder to achieve than it sounds because #Emacs can run emulator code while it's waiting for user input...

The following demo, Kaleidoscope, is played at 1200 cycles per second.

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Happy birthday, qutebrowser!


A big thanks to the friendly @the_compiler for making the best web browse out there. :)

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I almost forgot this gem. Dracula theme for Qutebrowser:


The guide didn't work for me, but I did this in terminal:

$ cd .config/qutebrowser
$ git clone https://github.com/evannagle/qutebrowser-dracula-theme.git dracula

And then added the code to the config.py. Then restarted qutebrowser.

#Linux #themes #qutebrowser #DraculaTheme
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@maiki I believe #qutebrowser manages bookmarks as flat text files in the way you're looking for. I have a few text files in ~/.config/qutebrowser with all my bookmarks/quickmarks saved, anyway.

It's also a great all-around browser if you're comfortable with keyboard nav. Definitely recommended!

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Regarding #fdroid and #GDPR: You can find our terms here: f-droid.org/en/about/#terms-et

As F-Droid goes out of it's way to not only don't track you itself but also prevent others (apps, repo admins, etc.) from tracking you, we didn't need to change anything here. 🎉

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If some vulnerability deserves a logo/brand, it's that CVE-2018-1000136 (Electron), not that #efail ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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--- FINISHED! ---


there are two minor bugs and one difficulty curve problem (the last two challenges should be swapped) but overall I'm very proud of what we got done!

#lispgamejam #exoencounter667 #fennel

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One of the #GSOC projects from @matrix is building an altenrative to GCM push for #matrix. This will directly benefit the #fdroid version of #riot!

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Breaking: a lisp macro has broken free from its interpreter and expanded to half the size of Nebraska

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We're thrilled to see Private Internet Access taking these steps to support free software, rare in the VPN provider world: https://u.fsf.org/2ib
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Forgot to post about this, but I wrote a little script to back up a Mastodon instance, in case anyone finds it useful. 🙂 #MastoAdmins gist.github.com/nolanlawson/66

Sadly, mastodon.rocks seems to have broke, so I'm going to be here from now on.


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