#libsigrokdecode 0.5.3 is released!

New decoders: lin, x2444m, ds2408, cc1101, enc28j60, pca9571, seven_segment, amulet_ascii, tdm_audio, signature, nes_gamepad, flexray, ir_rc6, ieee488, hdcp.

Total PDs supported in this release: 109.



The tracker/stabilizer features take a little time to get the hang of, but the results are extremely pleasing

This is going to be my first video edited in .

v2.80 is such an amazing leap forward in UI design.

All my other videos have been edited with . Comparing the two, there are some pros and cons, but overall Blender gets the job done very well.

I'm impressed.

Another wonderful video from The Signal Path:


Siglent SVA1032X 3.2GHz Spectrum & Vector Network Analyzer Review, Teardown & Experiments

Sam Zeldoof is making Silicon ICs in his garage: youtube.com/watch?v=XrEC2LGGXn

His YouTube channel is criminally under-subscribed.

Wow Robert Llewellyn (of Scrapheap Challenge fame) is making videos about electricity production.


What a gorgeously made 4K video

Ok... I am seriously impressed with Ghidra (ghidra-sre.org/). It's an open-source reverse engineering tool written by the NSA.

I never really used IDAPro much because of my open source obsession. But this is amazing!

Thanks for the tip @biot

@sjb Have you ever heard of non-planar 3D printing?: youtube.com/watch?v=gmePlcU0TR

Looks cool - I might try it some time.

New video is out:


More on hacking the IT9919. This time I'm digging into the firmware to see if I can manipulate the device behaviour

Ok, I'm seriously impressed with Blender's 3D camera tracking. I think this will come in very handy for illustrating things in the future

The Lenkeng rig is rather pretty when I turn the lights off

Lumix GH4
7artisans 60mm f2.8 Macro

New video is out:


More experimentation with the IT9919 media processor in the Lenkeng HDMI capture device. Enjoy!

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