I wonder what's the strangest data to ever pass through my body by electromagnetic wave.

Wow Robert Llewellyn (of Scrapheap Challenge fame) is making videos about electricity production.


What a gorgeously made 4K video

Ok... I am seriously impressed with Ghidra (ghidra-sre.org/). It's an open-source reverse engineering tool written by the NSA.

I never really used IDAPro much because of my open source obsession. But this is amazing!

Thanks for the tip @biot

@sjb Have you ever heard of non-planar 3D printing?: youtube.com/watch?v=gmePlcU0TR

Looks cool - I might try it some time.

New video is out:


More on hacking the IT9919. This time I'm digging into the firmware to see if I can manipulate the device behaviour

Ok, I'm seriously impressed with Blender's 3D camera tracking. I think this will come in very handy for illustrating things in the future

The Lenkeng rig is rather pretty when I turn the lights off

Lumix GH4
7artisans 60mm f2.8 Macro

New video is out:


More experimentation with the IT9919 media processor in the Lenkeng HDMI capture device. Enjoy!

New video is out:


I'm starting a new series about hacking the IT9919, and this video focuses on reading firmware with flashrom

#Censorship is either on or off. If censorship is on, you don't know what is going to be censored next. First it may be something you want to be censored but no one can guarantee it to be the same next time. So, keeping censorship off is the best choice. Btw moderation is not censorship

"RISC is Unscalable": blackhole12.com/blog/risc-is-f

This doesn't *feel* right, but I don't see an obvious hole in the logic.

Here is an example: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windo

You want your application to use Vista+ widget theming, not look like Win95.

But how - you ask?

Well... you need comctl32 to run at startup and hook the messages of the user32 widgets (from the late 80s), to give them appearance from the 2000s. So you call InitCommonControls(), but you have to have a resource (late 80s concept), containing an XML manifest (seemed like a good idea in 2003)

This all still works on Windows 10

On the other hand, the levels of cruft that have built up in the Win32 API are no surprise given that they never broke binary compatibility, while they also shoe-horned and deprecated so many features.

In a flash back to the 90s, I spent today writing a little utility in Win32.

I got quite nostalgic messing around with dialog resources and message procs.

MFC now feels horrible coming from modern C++, so I passed on that one.

But Win32... what can I say about it?

It's quite impressive that a message system can work as well as it does. It now feels wonderfully lightweight.

And the code can be impressively concise... so long as you don't use MS-style dumbo Hungarian notation

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