What a beautiful YouTube channel: youtube.com/watch?v=foKz81ElCj

-- nature videos about microorganisms in beautiful 4K resolution.

A lot of the geometry can be culled of course - because I only need triangles that cover the radius of the icon both before and after the mapping

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But the shape of the surface is nice and smooth, so I figured a polynomial interpolation would work quite well i.e. compute the terms in the vertex shader, and interpolate the sample coordinates inside the pixel shader.

That way I would be able to have quite coarse geometry - only need fine detail in places where the surface folds over.

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The level of detail could be easily amplified by a Tesselation or Geometry shader - it's shame these are not available for the WebGL version.

I guess if I want that, I can use multiple draw calls and make a vertex shader compute the subdivided geometry

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It makes sense that they all fold over themselves for there to be a stable iteration

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@sjb Ok, I finally got around to the first steps of rendering a mesh - without and with the mapping:

You can measure the speed of light at home using just a microwave and a bar of chocolate!


Ok this GPU RayTracing is getting a bit too good. It's freaking me out a little: youtube.com/watch?v=NgcYLIvlp_

#libsigrokdecode 0.5.3 is released!

New decoders: lin, x2444m, ds2408, cc1101, enc28j60, pca9571, seven_segment, amulet_ascii, tdm_audio, signature, nes_gamepad, flexray, ir_rc6, ieee488, hdcp.

Total PDs supported in this release: 109.



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