For years I've used some desktop flavor of "Distro X", which is a fork of "Distro Y" which is based on "Distro Z" which is based on Debian.

This week I've eliminated the middlemen and I'm trying out Debian 10 (Xfce version). More to come...

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@jasomux My issue was always the age of Debian Stable packages. They are beyond stable - they are fossilised.

Is there a good answer for something that has Ubuntu-style packages updates? If I used Debian testing or unstable would that cause my desktop to break all the time?

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@jhol I'm not a pure Debian expert, so I can't really speak in the know about the testing and unstable versions.

I agree that the packages seem old. I'm going to keep using it for a while on an extra machine and see what happens.

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