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Someone did it to me in this very thread!

- I can't tell though, because he blocked me.

F-droid had better delete Firefox from their repository, otherwise someone might be able access this vile hate speech..

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Firefox doesn't brand itself with the logo of a company that abuses free speech to promote and benefit off hate speech. This is exactly what Gab does and - at least for me - which is the elephant in the room that hardly anyone talks about. Free speech, free speech, but why is Gab so proud of performing and/or tolerating gestures that actively harm other people?


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F-droid really shouldn't get involved in this. There are bad actors everywhere.

If F-droid starts trying police these things through making political distinctions between apps, there's no way they can enforce it consistently with political neutrality.

If the big silicon valley tech giants can't do it, there's no way f-droid can.

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It's inevitable. F-droid is centralized and therefore obsolete.

@doomcultgames @jhol @elsacodelcoco @fdroidorg Why obsolete? It is a trusted resource, and trust is most often centralized.

(Unless you use a Web of Trust approach that has been attempted a few time in the past, and it was successful in a few communities - e.g. the Linux kernel community.)

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Once a centralized entity abandons neutrality, balkanization follows.

And it's impossible to stay neutral in this political climate where everything is fair game.

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