Ok... I am seriously impressed with Ghidra (ghidra-sre.org/). It's an open-source reverse engineering tool written by the NSA.

I never really used IDAPro much because of my open source obsession. But this is amazing!

Thanks for the tip @biot

Why are PC components so flashy and crap? If I build a PC, I want it to be well engineered and solid, not lit up like a Christmas tree.

That was cool in 2002 - not any more.

Why can't sellers have a "sort by quality engineering" button? Combine that with a "won't make you look like a twat if you take it on client site" filter, and I would be happy.

Hmm - looks like I still have a cooling problem. 🤔

Such a blast from the past playing around with PC cooling. Like being 18-year-old-me again.

I couldn't understand why distcc was offering so little improvement to my build time.

Source code gets pre-processed on my desktop, then uploaded to the build slaves. The build slaves appear to be starving of work. How is that? Pre-processing source code isn't really difficult.

- not unless your CPU is desperately trying to save itself from meltdown.

All working much better now.

Did you hear? There's a fan project to build Half Life 2 Episode 3. It's coming along rather nicely, and apparently it will support Linux.


Got my first ever distcc deployment working today.

Ready to roll out to a small collection of Intel NUC boxes I have lying around.

Docker and distcc are a match made in heaven - you can containerize distcc together with a distro that matches your workstation machine.

Simple RF transmission might be viable with the Fomu, like I did with my FPGA Ceiling Fan Remote a couple of years back:


Controllers - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 08

How does the Super NES gather input from such a wide variety of controllers? It's all explained right here.


Here's the final box, if someone wants to build one: thingiverse.com/thing:3382291

Useful for power-cycling devices-under-test remotely.

Note, the relays are rated for mains 240V, however this case offers no safety features for high voltage use.

I feel trolled. It turns out the USB connector is off-centre by about 1.1mm.

Sigh. Time for a respin.


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