Who is the person running the @[email protected] account, and why are they trying to impose politics on the platform?

#libsigrokdecode now supports 100 different protocol decoders!

The latest addition was a TI CC1101 decoder, stacking upon the SPI PD.

Looking forward to your contributions so we can get to 200 decoders next 😉


Controllers - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 08

How does the Super NES gather input from such a wide variety of controllers? It's all explained right here.


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#PulseView, the #sigrok logic analyzer / oscilloscope GUI, now has initial session setup save/restore support.

You no longer have to remember your session setup, which decoders you added, which decoder settings you used, and so on...


Not to mention OpenRCT2 - a rewrite of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, and Open Loco - a rewrite of Locomotion.

Found in the GNU gettext FAQ:

_GNU gettext on Windows_

_What does Woe32 mean?_

“Woe32” denotes the Windows 32-bit operating systems for x86: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 95/98/ME. Microsoft uses the term “Win32” to denote these; this is a psychological trick in order to make everyone believe that these OSes are a “win” for the user. However, for most users and developers, they are a source of woes, which is why I call them “Woe32”.

-- I suppose Stallman wrote that?

@alexbuzzbee For a long time I got by on Arrow Keys, (i) Insert Mode, (v) Visual Select Mode, (V) Line Select Mode, and (Ctrl+V) Block Select Mode, (dd) Cut Line, (y) Copy Selection, (yy) Copy Line, (P) or (p) paste, and :%s/.../.../gc to do regex find replace.

After a couple of years, I took someone's advice and disabled the arrow keys, forcing me to learn HJKL movement. This was ultimately worth it because the keys combine with other commands.

Then my usage really began to take off.

If you're fishing for secret chip documentation it's always worth doing a quick search on Baidu.

80% of the time, you get nothing... but every once in a while you pull up a datasheet, or in this case a header file containing the complete register set of the device:


The ability to acquire a near-full college education for almost free on the internet is now a reality. Most of the MOOCs (massively online open course) allow for access for zero cash to hundreds of hours of video classes and other materials. Computing is very well covered. Just search for the word MOOC in your favourite search engine. Access to tutors, lecturers and a certificate/diploma does, however usually cost money.

#MOOC #education #knowledge #college #diploma #study #learn

How's your day going? I just spent the morning trying to find a bug in libtool that prevented glib test cases from executing on Windows.

True indeed. You can never beat the experience of seeing a decent exhibit first hand.

However, I would love to have greater dynamic range, and a larger gamut than 24-bit sRGB.

It makes me wonder if we will ever get displays capable making the viewer feel dazzled? It would be awesome for apps like SpaceEngine. Perhaps apps would need to first request permission to show extremely bright images, to prevent abuse

It's an ATTiny and it implements an HID interface. Someone's already written a python interface to it: github.com/jaketeater/Very-Sim ...and there may be others.

Here's the final box, if someone wants to build one: thingiverse.com/thing:3382291

Useful for power-cycling devices-under-test remotely.

Note, the relays are rated for mains 240V, however this case offers no safety features for high voltage use.

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