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It's unfortunate that compression is necessary for audio over bluetooth.

Good codec support will make all the difference to performance, but technical information like this is hardly mentioned in marketing material.

Except for apt-X for some reason. A proprietary ADPCM codec by Qualcom.

I wouldn't expect great quality from ADPCM, but at least it will have low latency.

Trying to buy "around ear" headphones.The market is so borked.

It's very hard to see what benefit you're getting as you go up in price. In the $100-$200 range they're all just standard 40mm drivers wrapped on injection molded plastic, even from "quality" brands like Sennhesier.

But you can get that from AliExpress - even with fancy features e.g. wired and bluetooth inputs for $15-$40.

"You get what you pay for" has to apply in some way - I just havn't figured out how yet

@ChrisWere Hey! I'm a Linux-only music producer. I also teach the libre ways of making music. Here's a recent video I made on the topic, telling why I do that:
If you'd like some music for your shows that was produktu made with 100% free software and Linux - hit me up :)
I also do monthly #unfalive on YT.

Couldn't there be a race condition between /dev nodes and sysfs? Can you really guarantee that udev (-or whatever service fills the role on your box) will create the device nodes in /dev with the right names? Why do we need /dev these days? Why can't we open devices directly from sysfs? Just for permissions? Is there ever case when one would use mknod with a path outside /dev? What's the point in nodes being in the filesystem versus a separate namespace just like the network interfaces names?

/dev device nodes make me suspicious.

Today's project was to find all the ttys attached to the same USB hub as a certain tty device, and sort them out using serial numbers etc.

Linux's sysfs has all the information, so you just have to find all the ttys there, and filter them, and then use that to construct a path in /dev.

Seems fishy to me...

I really love .

Having the ability to install free-software packages with pacman makes Windows almost tolerable.


Seems like the fraction of political correctness talks at is increasing year-on-year.

I get the sense from the comments that no-one really likes sessions on identity politics, and people don't think this is a good direction for the conference to go.

I fear it's a sign that the conference is in decline.

Could it be that productive people are losing interest, leaving us with just non-productive activists? I do hope not

Nice #gtkwave integration of #sigrok decoders done by @[email protected] during/after #35c3.

This is currently invoking sigrok-cli from the gtkwave #python scripting facility, nicer integration will be available once the current sigrok architectural restructuring that we're working on is finished.

I'm really beginning to love - far better features than Twitter.

Just wish the user base was a little larger.


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