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#libsigrokdecode now supports 100 different protocol decoders!

The latest addition was a TI CC1101 decoder, stacking upon the SPI PD.

Looking forward to your contributions so we can get to 200 decoders next 😉

Controllers - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Features Pt. 08

How does the Super NES gather input from such a wide variety of controllers? It's all explained right here.

#PulseView, the #sigrok logic analyzer / oscilloscope GUI, now has initial session setup save/restore support.

You no longer have to remember your session setup, which decoders you added, which decoder settings you used, and so on...

Found in the GNU gettext FAQ:

_GNU gettext on Windows_

_What does Woe32 mean?_

“Woe32” denotes the Windows 32-bit operating systems for x86: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista and Windows 95/98/ME. Microsoft uses the term “Win32” to denote these; this is a psychological trick in order to make everyone believe that these OSes are a “win” for the user. However, for most users and developers, they are a source of woes, which is why I call them “Woe32”.

-- I suppose Stallman wrote that?

If you're fishing for secret chip documentation it's always worth doing a quick search on Baidu.

80% of the time, you get nothing... but every once in a while you pull up a datasheet, or in this case a header file containing the complete register set of the device:

The ability to acquire a near-full college education for almost free on the internet is now a reality. Most of the MOOCs (massively online open course) allow for access for zero cash to hundreds of hours of video classes and other materials. Computing is very well covered. Just search for the word MOOC in your favourite search engine. Access to tutors, lecturers and a certificate/diploma does, however usually cost money.

#MOOC #education #knowledge #college #diploma #study #learn

How's your day going? I just spent the morning trying to find a bug in libtool that prevented glib test cases from executing on Windows.

Here's the final box, if someone wants to build one:

Useful for power-cycling devices-under-test remotely.

Note, the relays are rated for mains 240V, however this case offers no safety features for high voltage use.

@jhol Oddly enough I had a discussion about this on Twitter about a month ago. Maximum temperature achievable is no higher than Moon's surface (max ~120C). So a huge mirror could warm a person, but not set fire to anything.

I feel trolled. It turns out the USB connector is off-centre by about 1.1mm.

Sigh. Time for a respin.

TIL someone decided to point the Hubble Space Telescope at the Moon once:

Now I want to know with large telescopes if there's a danger of setting fire to the sensor with moon-light?

For many projects I now consider code to be the superior tool for CAD work.


As they say, one of the hardest problems in programming is giving names to things. Quite often I find myself trying to think of a name for a variable like thickness_of_the_piece_that_goes_down_the_side_of_that_weird_angled_cutout_of_the_connector_minus_some_tiny_offset_for_clearance

If the 3D print works out, should I publish it on Thingiverse? or did I hear there was a more freedom-loving alternative?

If a Bluetooth audio device supports MP3 or AAC, is able to do seamless pass-through from a media player? I heard it can retroactively recode blocks on demand when there are alert sounds to mix in.

And do any media player support coded pass-through? Will Firefox do it for video?

Will it work if the cided audio bitrate is suddenly too high for the Bluetooth channel bandwidth?

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