I f'ing LOVE it: 3TEETH Pit of Fire

I want to drown you in your faith
I want to crown it with my hate
I want to burn it in my pit of fire
I want to wander in the waste
I want to scar it in the face
I want to end the human race


Brilliant!! More Anti-influencers needed!

'We're anti-influencer': ice-cream truck makes Instagram 'stars' pay double

Joe Nicchi has had enough of self-proclaimed influencers wanting free cones for publicity. Now he’s the one going viral


The Ghost influenced my taste in music sooooo much. Whilst I hadn't listened for some years, it is very sad to read of his passing.

After the death of Triple R's Stephen Walker, The Ghost's legacy lives on | Jeff Sparrow

The community radio station’s much-loved presenter maintained a sense of outsiderdom that helped shape the sound of independent Melbourne


Just saw a HeraldSun item for 3 Miss Australia finalists. My vote immediately goes to.....
Alexandra Duggan from SA.

Alas no Mastodon account I can find so only plug via IG link 😟:

Fav song right now, this week, this month
'Can you hear me, do you know where you are?
I am the dreamer, I'm terrified
Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray, diiiisssssaaarrrrraaaaaayyyyy
I choose to see the beauty'

Apple's new 'Single Sign-On' feature "protects you from all sorts of scary third parties, but does not necessarily protect you from the company offering it — in this case, Apple," says EFF's Gennie Gebhart time.com/5604295/sign-in-with-

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