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Just saw a HeraldSun item for 3 Miss Australia finalists. My vote immediately goes to.....
Alexandra Duggan from SA.

Alas no Mastodon account I can find so only plug via IG link 😟:

@EmmaG So, how are the exams going? Done yet? Did you blitz? Best of luck for anymore still to do

Fav song right now, this week, this month
'Can you hear me, do you know where you are?
I am the dreamer, I'm terrified
Some people choose to see the ugliness in this world, the disarray, diiiisssssaaarrrrraaaaaayyyyy
I choose to see the beauty'

Apple's new 'Single Sign-On' feature "protects you from all sorts of scary third parties, but does not necessarily protect you from the company offering it — in this case, Apple," says EFF's Gennie Gebhart

Paul Angelo & Don Argento - Entrance of the Underworld [Movement Recordings]

In Australia I could buy (if i had money) a HSV Camaro for $160000 or a Porsche Cayenne coupe for $128400. Huh. Why would anyone pay that much for a Camaro? I'd have the Porsche anyday

There can't be proper oversight of the Australian government's surveillance when the details are state secrets, and journalists are raided and their work seized when they report on them:

Crickey, the older you get, the more new bands sound just like old bands - this sounds so 80's grunge, bit like Alice in Chains

Today 3 years ago 12 people founded Nextcloud as an 100% Open Source, sustainable, community oriented and privacy aware cloud project and company. I‘m so happy and proud to see what the Nextcloud community achieved since then.

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