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Cool bannanas! Decided I like Telegram over others (& its in F-Droid albeit modified slightly) & in seeing how/if i could make it also do SMS, found I could via a bot -

Mmm trying to become smarter so listening to these podcasts (via AntennaPod of course):
- Squiz Today
- The Knowledge Project
- Intelligence Squared
- The Daily

& watch CrashCourse on YT but via

PSA - Firefox 67. If you get 'letterboxing' of the webpage, where the page being displayed does not completely fill the browsing window, change your `privacy.resistFingerprinting.letterboxing` setting to false.
That took a while of searching to work out - had no idea it was called letterboxing which makes it hard to diagnose

Mobile tech giants didn't learn from the past and should look at Linux history, /e/ and the progressive web apps.
Point of view on Medium: #Huawei and other mobile “tech giants”: you should (really) break free from Google/Android.
#Android #OpenSource

Bit of a bugger when you want to follow someone, Peggy Gou, to keep up to date on their music, but they ain't on Mastodon 😞

Why WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure

The world seems to be shocked by the news that WhatsApp turned any phone into spyware. Everything on your phone, including photos, emails and texts was accessible by attackers just because you had WhatsApp installed [1].   This news didn’t surprise me though. Last year WhatsApp had to admit they had a very similar issue – a …

Shit, this one's pretty cool too. Might have to listen to this band some more -

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