TLS 1.3 just passed TLS 1.2 as the most common encryption protocol for requests to the Cloudflare network.

Who came up with this shit and thought "yeah this is a great idea"?

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#IRC of #mozilla will be shut down. Bye bye to all the other 4190 users.

Apparently Corona kills you, brings you back to life and then kills you another time because fuck you.

"Chinese Media Declares Hospital Director Dead From COVID-19, Then Alive, Then Dead Again"

Why is "Preview" suddenly showing this warning? Doing something I've done many times before. First time I'm getting this.

Na, wer von euch kennt die Bedeutung der Sirenensignale?

Der @ndrmv schonmal nicht und informiert falsch: "Dieser Heulton bedeutet Gefahr" – Nein, das ist der Heulton für Entwarnung!

TIL there's a weather buoy at "null island" (0°N 0°E) called "Station 13010 - Soul" (📷 Graham Curran)

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Du möchtest selbst einen Workshop oder Talk für die #Chaosflux einreichen? Unser Call for Participation ist offen für deine Einreichung:

Android – a free and open source self-hosted replacement for Push Notifications (FCM/GCM)

How can you be born in 1995 and don't know about flip phones, let alone multi-tap texting??

Teens Use Flip Phones For The First Time

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