Did you know you can use these special characters in the URL bar to limit suggestions? You can even combine them! They need to be surrounded by a space.

^ history
* bookmark
+ tag
% open tab
~ typed
? searches
# title
$ url

Actually this is one of the faster ones, I frequently get 3 failures in a row.

1,5 minutes !! That's my EASY ON HUMANS craptcha experience.

Auch Schlussfolgerungen und Standards sind Geheim!

Wie man Telegram überhaupt kontaktieren kann ist aber NfD!!!

Kleine Anfrage der Linken über die "Erstmalige Entfernung von Internetinhalten beim Messenger Telegram"

TIL an "Act of God" is an actual legal term (i.e. natural hazard)

mastodon is written in ruby, which is supposedly a garbage collecting language, and yet my toots pass through unscathed

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