The EU wants an EU based alternative to e.g. Google and Cloudflare public DNS resolvers called . It comes with "blocking malware, phishing and other threats" and "lawful filtering […] applicable in the EU or in national jurisdictions".

Das BKA macht jetzt Druck! (Druckt hunderte von Briefen aus und versendet sie an einen Briefkasten in den Arabischen Emiraten)

Gewöhnlicher Endnutzer, wer das nicht sofort nach Erstinstallation abstellt.

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Because we like to look at URLs, we did the same in this case. 🔎

There is one exciting detail that stands out right away: There is a code in the URL that starts with a Unix timestamp.

Unix timestamps are a standard to represent points in time. It is the number of seconds since 1/1/1970 at midnight. So the current time is: 1641903476, which is about 1.6 billion seconds since the beginning of "unix time".

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Welche Bank kann Online-Banking 2FA auf Android ohne Google Push / Cloud Messaging gedöns?

Möchte weder SMS noch TAN-Gerät benutzen. Habe microG ohne Google Account.

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