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jomo @jomo

By all means, -dot-com does not solve the problem GitHub has (centralization), and moving to a privately hosted GitLab re-introduces the problem GitHub mostly solved (separation).

is trying to solve this problem by defining a federation protocol for git services:

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To be clear, I do think that -dot-com is the right thing to do for now. Not because of Microsoft, but because GitLab – as a company – is as transparent as can be, and actually open source, which GitHub is not.

That's a pretty mature way of looking at it.

@jomo GitLab isn't entirely open source, though, they're still somewhat open core last I checked, no? I mean, yeah, on the spectrum of these things GitLab is definitely significantly better than GitHub. But it's good that major Free Software projects continue to often maintain their own infrastructure. Defining standards for decentralized interop layers is definitely the next step, very excited by the prospect of Git+ActivityPub :)

@jomo I knew it! I knew someone would come up with this idea!

Thank you!

@jomo Well, but as long as #GitPub does not run on it's own platform, for now it should immediately shift from #GitHub to #GitLab. Anything else would severly damage it's credibility!

@jomo Just make sure that the Github TOS haven't changed, or you could be giving them our only means for decentralization. Better use another server, just in case.

@jomo it does solve it in a way. You can always move easily to your private instance. Except if they suddenly turn evil and remove the export function.

@qwazix @jomo git remote set-url origin $elsewhere

@jomo Issues and wiki don't migrate like that...