An NPM package with 2,000,000 weekly downloads had malicious code injected into it. No one knows what the malicious code does yet.

(via 🐦gerybernhardt)

@jomo I suspect there's plenty of these areound. Didn't Python have something similar a while back?

I think packaging and even containerisation make auditing harder.

@drwho @jomo Some interesting questions about privileges there. Do you have the CVE?

re: not completely joking / virus scanners / linters Show more

@jomo NPM seems to be more and more problematic. Seems like a week doesn’t go by without a story like this

@jomo its found in the mastodon web client, and also in microsoft's azure cli tool. So that's a pretty wide spread of the internets from corporate to anticorp.

@jomo I've received an announcement from Snyk this morning that the malicious dependency is hijacking bitcoin transactions.

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