@jomo ...lol, home addresses are public info and are typically scraped from old phone book listings, county tax records, etc.

it's all online whether you post it yourself, or not. 😎 #ProTip

@RaccoonWillie In the U.S. perhaps? It's not in most countries of the world. There doesn't seem to be any expectation of privacy in the U.S.

@jomo ...in 'most countries' that information is easy to obtain, and many ad/marketing firms are already using and selling these 'private' records to retailers, political campaigns, etc.

@RaccoonWillie Luckily we have the GDPR in the EU now. Also those firms will need to get the information somewhere and there's not that many websites that need to send stuff to my home address, which is about the only reason I'd ever provide it.

@RaccoonWillie Interesting read regarding the U.S.:

"The U.S. Supreme Court and the Third Circuit have found that privacy interests were infringed by the government" lol


@jomo booking hotels, renting cars, ordering products on ebay, amazon, any online retailer... your information is out there.

just think about all the personal addresses that the phone companies have sold off over the past few decades. it's all out there.

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