TIL: you can configure a remote with multiple push URLs.

It basically allows you to push to multiple remotes at once.

@jomo that's clever. i got momentarily confused about the difference between this and the --all option (pushes everything, rather than to all remotes), but i definitely have use cases.

@jomo I had no idea, that's awesome! Thanks for sharing.

@jomo In case it's helpful to people, I did an in-depth audio explanation and demo of this on this podcast:

@jomo great hint did not thought about this, but it well be very useful

@jomo das schöne daran ist, dass man so den regelmäßigen Ausfall eines Git Servers kompensieren und trotzdem arbeiten kann, bis $kunde seinen Kram wieder am Start hat 😂

@jomo Awesome, thank you! Last time I read about this, the trail of clues ended with something about deprecated functionality. Good to know that `--add` is the key to several castles here :-)

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