> use open protocol
> make free and open source software so everyone can use it
> yay freedom of speech

@jomo you do understand that freedom of speech is a govt not jailing you for what you say and even that has serious exceptions like incitement for violence, fraud, perjury, hate speech etc

@szbalint @jomo Freedom of speech is SO much more than that tbh.

@anjum @jomo no it’s not

You have the right to say stuff, but you don’t have the right to make others listen to you, to use their platform to say stuff (freedom of association), to harass people with your speech

If others consider your speech abuse they are well within their universal human rights to block the heck out of it just like with other unwanted forms of speech such as spam.

Noone complains if an app takes a stand against spam so why with nazis?

@szbalint @anjum @jomo Certain viewpoints (such as Nazism) entail **INTENDING GENOCIDE**.

People who intend genocide have already placed themselves outside ALL protections and foregone ALL their rights.

But we prefer to silence their propaganda, rather than hunting them down with knives.

Why do you have a problem with that? You want them dead?
Because that's what will come next, if we can't stop their plans otherwise.

@ansugeisler @szbalint @anjum @jomo @szbalint @anjum @jomo

"People who intend genocide have already placed themselves outside ALL protections and foregone ALL their rights."

No they haven't. I think you're focussing on the "intend genocide" and have overlooked the "people". A person who makes others suffer is still a human being who suffers. Even if you take off someone's head, do it quickly without prolonging their suffering. This is called compassion.

Please note that many people (me included) have absolutely no problem with silencing Nazis (quite the contrary actually) but still think that blacklisting their instance at a client application level is not the way to go. For multiple technical and more fundamental reasons.

In other words: this is not a freedom of speech issue.
@anjum @jomo

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