Yay! @grote has been working on a free software alternative for backups on Android \o/

@jomo @grote @rgggn Sounds great! Waiting for details (URL etc), and what it covers. Meanwhile, here's the tracking-free variant of the birdie thread:

@IzzyOnDroid @jomo @grote @rgggn 🤔 what about oandbackup? is this bad? I never need to restore a backup. 👍

@radasbona If you never need to restore one, you don't need it anyway. And no, different terrain: Torsten's app is a FOSS replacement for the Google Cloud backup built-in to Android. Nothing like OAndBackup or Titanium. And I guess like that Google stuff, it won't cover apps that opted out of backup (ALLOW_BACKUP:NO). But those details are to @grote to tell.

@jomo @grote Sounds indeed promising, as it seems to use Android's internal APIs which makes it very conventient for end-users.

Until now, I used an rsync-based backup via syncopoli (non-root) as well as a backup for pulling files via recovery as described here:

Still looking forward to the solution by @grote as a more end-user-friendly alternative!

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