Leute, bitte zwingt euch nicht selbst dazu, Vorträge mühevoll auf Englisch zu halten, wenn euch das nicht liegt.

Wenn es am Ende anstrengender ist, mit Ohrenbluten dem gesprochenem Wort zu folgen, als die Untertitel zu lesen, habt ihr niemandem damit geholfen :(

Haltet euren Vortrag dann einfach auf Deutsch und lasst ihn ggf. übersetzen oder untertiteln.

@jomo Everything I am able to accomplish nicely began with "Ohrenbluten". I then started learning by Rückmeldungs I got.

@letterus just take an English class instead of torturing people who haven't signed up for that.

@nicolai Well, yes, I get the point. But it's a question of the level of quality you expect. If I play piano professional musician will get "Ohrenbluten". But there are some people who like it very much…

@letterus yes, but giving a talk to thousands of people during one of the biggest events in the world isn't playing in your sisters living room.

Just try somewhere smaller first if your English isn't sufficient.

@letterus you would also not let someone play the organ in a church service who couldn't hold the rhythm and would play ever third note wrongly.

@letterus just give your talk in German, we will translate it and give it closed captions. What's so hard about that?

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