Very nice resource:

This one focuses on features visible on Google StreetView and GeoGuessr, but should be useful for general OSINT as well.

tip: To identify a song, you can try where you can either play a sample or just sing or hum the melody.

/ tip: Images in PDFs are quite often just JPEGs embedded in the PDF file and can be extracted with `pdfimages`, for example.

The images are usually not modified by PDF creators when embedding, so they're included in full resolution and with Exif metadata.

I'm live now talking about :

(English language track is available in the settings)

I'll be at talking about / two hours from now.

Live stream: (English language track is available in the settings)

tip: Bookmark this URL to use Google Lens from your browser without an account:

It shows an error but allows you to upload an image anyway

pro tip: sometimes it's just easier to look at the people rather than the surroundings

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