Wollte gerade schon einen Scraper dafür bauen aber Stefan Wehrmeyer hat das wohl schon gemacht \o/ github.com/stefanw/bnetza-emf-

Der Code ist nicht nur 1:1 von codingclub.wordpress.com/2014/ kopiert, jemand hat den IV abgetippt und sich dabei verschrieben…

Funktion ist natürlich public :)

Da will man mal kurz bei der die Standortdaten von Funkanlagen kopieren aber dann sind die Daten verschlüsselt. So ein Mist!

@Main_Tomato @Technowix @angristan if you care about the local timeline, you should look out for an instance with a certain topic. Depending on what sort of rules you prefer / oppose, mstdn.io may be a good general purpose instance (or not) :P
Other than that, it's been running for quite a while and angristan is definitely doing a good job!

@buckket was, es gibt Leute mit denen ich nicht klar komme wenn das Netzwerk groß genug wird?? Ich dachte hier gibt es keine Nazitrolle!1!elf!!

@rugk Also fun facts about HTTP Headers: RFC2616 allowed that "header field values can be folded onto multiple lines if the continuation line begins with a space or horizontal tab", but it has since been deprecated. That RFC also specifies that \s+ may be replaced by " " before interpreting the header or forwarding it downstream.

IIRC nginx replaces \n with \t.

@rugk Yeah but that's a different issue. CSP explicitly supports sending the CSP header multiple times.

i.e. a CSP policy consists of directives separated by semicolon (there may or may not be a trailing one). Policies itself are separated by when assembled, but this seems to confuse most parsers.

Pro tip: Don't try splitting up your CSP directives into multiple HTTP headers.

A) It does not work the way you would think and
B) Validators and browsers will fail to parse it properly

Security headers longer than my blog posts when

I find the name "add_header" a bit misleading under these circumstances…

"These directives are inherited from the previous level if and only if there are no add_header directives defined on the current level."

why :(

htrace.sh 🤙

Analyse http(s):
- connection
- headers
- mixed-content

- nmap NSE
- testssl.sh
- Mozilla Observatory
- SSL Labs


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