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I never did an , so here goes:

• I like and am the developer of @ObjFW
• I'm interested in obscure CPU architectures and *enjoy* writing assembly for them (weirdest in my collection are , and 🙂)
• I'm into obscure OSes (e.g. )
• I collect retro hardware
• I am an :xmpp: advocate (decentralized & federated like Mastodon!)
• I mostly use :apple_inc:, @openbsd :openbsd: and :netbsd: as a daily OS
• I am also a @haiku 🍃 developer

cannot build for because it is too stupid to handle rpath correctly. Now most GNOME software, including +3, will not build for macOS anymore. But yeah, brilliant idea to move everything over to Meson before it is more than an incomplete toy that cannot handle portability at all…

Finally found the time to try my new physical 3.1.4 floppies. Install disk prompts me to insert Locale disk. Locale disk contains "SteelSky_SAVE" instead. So not only does Hyperion use old used disks - they also fail to write the correct images to them.

@sunconscious Go fans are wild for the shit, but I honestly don't get it.

In practice, you're unwinding the stack until you can handle the error, same as with exception-based languages -- except you have to do everything by hand and if you forget, your program continues running in an undefined and/or invalid state instead of crashing by default.

It's baffling to me that anyone would want that.


Joe calls Bob on the phone

Joe: I have an opinion.

Bob: Interesting, I disagree with your opinion.

Joe: WHAT!?! You're a bad person! -I'm going to call the phone company and have them block *every* single person with your area code from calling or texting *every* single person from MY area code!

Bob: What? Won't the affect literally thousands of people who have nothing to do with this conversation?

Joe: Yes. but... you made me angry😡

Bob: uh... ok ❓

RT @[email protected]

Jemand schrieb, Sächsisch sei die einzige Sprache, in der es für Gorgonzola und Gurkensalat dasselbe Wort gebe.

Das ist falsch.

Gorgonzola ist Görgönsöla. Gurkensalat ist Görgönsölad. Das ist ein feiner Unterschied. Bitte, seid fair im Umgang mit Sachsen!

@switchingsocial @CryptGoat - from my POV Monal on IOS works well, even with OMEMO. There has been lots of work lately on Monal for IOS, so when you tested it 3 months ago it might be that your issue has been solved in the meantime.

This doesn't mean that there aren't any issues anymore in Monal, but it is usuable and for me it has less battery drain than ChatSecure.
You can as well help with Monal by reporting issues to the author, of course.

I know it’s hard and needs a lot of energy. But if you convince just one Nazi that they’re wrong, isn’t that worth it?

Of course, it also requires you to talk to them calmly. It involves listening to opinions that make you cringe. But after that, you can point out why their ideas are flawed and force them to actually think about them. And in my experience they’ll listen because you listened too.

You won’t get that by just blocking and insulting them, that will only push them to radicalize more

I know ignoring and blocking Nazis is easy. I thought about this problem before when I noticed some of my Facebook friends, who were always very pleasant in real life, suddenly started posting Nazi shit. I thought about just unfriending them. That would have been easy. But instead I talked to them, pointed out flaws in their logic, and indeed sometimes changed their mind by that. It almost always made their opinions less radical and thus stopped them from radicalizing further.

Unpopular opinion: By blocking Gab, you’re helping Nazis. You’re creating a safe space for them where they are among each other, not having to face contrary opinions and being able to radicalize themselves without intervention or it being noticed and acted upon by others.

I’m German and we had and have plenty of Nazis to deal with. Isolating them from society didn’t help, it only made it worse and meant we didn’t notice how much they radicalized themselves until they started killing politicians

@JPEG Hm, trying Mast again. I have a weird bug where after a Toot is a random username of someone else. Cell reuse?

Due to the recent discussions about Tusky merging their Gab ban, I'm reposting my series "Imagine if _all_ applications were developed the same way as Fedi apps" with slightly improved screenshots and a new one.

Also, I'd like to clarify my stance on this matter since people thought I'd support Gab or that I'd make inaccurate comparisons.

My motivation for posting these screenshots is that I think blocks like this don't belong in software that is completely detached from the stuff it displays.
Kinds of software that belong in this category are web browsers, email clients, music players, text editors, and also Fedi apps such as Tusky or Fedilab. They are merely tools that allow people to use certain contents or services, but they don't host them and therefore aren't responsible for them.
To me, this isn't a matter of free speech or some free software principles. As a user, I simply don't want developers to force their personal/political opinions onto me in that way. And here is why:

Imagine if more software implemented various kinds of blocks against things the developer doesn't want to support. I'm sure many of you now may think "Cool, so they block things for bad people. How is this a problem?"

The problem is that your view of what "bad people" are or how they should be handled by the software doesn't necessarily have to agree with the developers' views.

A good example for this is the file browser screenshot: Among other files, the message lists a Torrent for an Arch Linux image as blocked. Most likely, the imaginary developer thinks that Torrents are used too often to distribute illegal things, so making them harder to use is more beneficial than not doing it. Would you agree with this?

In the long run, this problem may become worse. What if the political climate in our society shifted and over time, some of the opinions you or people you like/follow/... hold were considered harmful by many software developers? What if you were confronted with messages like the ones in the screenshots all the time because of that?

Many people don't expect that measures taken against "bad people" could ever affect them negatively. After all, they are good people.
This is actually very similar to discussions about privacy invasions, where there are people who "have nothing to hide" and therefore don't care about such problems.

That's the situation I was trying to convey with these screenshots in the same way Black Mirror shows how current technological trends could lead to negative impacts on our society.
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-19 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-01 2…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-02 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-02 1…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-17 2…
Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-06-19 1…

The new is a cheese cutter.

Should I bring some cheese tomorrow to try it? 🤔

Arrived at . If anyone wants to talk to me, just ping me :)

#FreeBSD officially forming a working group to investigate eventual official project migration to #git.

Why yes, that's an Amiga playing a 295kbps MP3 file at 44.1khz in 16-bit.

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