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I never did an , so here goes:

• I like and am the developer of @ObjFW
• I'm interested in obscure CPU architectures and *enjoy* writing assembly for them (weirdest in my collection are , and 🙂)
• I'm into obscure OSes (e.g. )
• I collect retro hardware
• I am an :xmpp: advocate (decentralized & federated like Mastodon!)
• I mostly use :apple_inc:, @openbsd :openbsd: and :netbsd: as a daily OS
• I am also a @haiku 🍃 developer

#FreeBSD officially forming a working group to investigate eventual official project migration to #git.

Why yes, that's an Amiga playing a 295kbps MP3 file at 44.1khz in 16-bit.

Nie mehr #WhatsApp? #EU-#Staaten könnten #Messenger zur Öffnung zwingen.

Messengerdienste wie #WhatsApp und #iMessage können miteinander keine Nachrichten austauschen. Warum eigentlich? ...

#XMPP console client #Profanity supports #OMEMO now in its master git branch.

Users of #Debian unstable or testing can install version 0.6.0+git20190503.4a165b8-1 from the experimental distribution.

I'm hereby announcing the first public alpha release of WireSep: a
privilege separated implementation of WireGuard for OpenBSD. I've
been using it for a couple of weeks now with the official WireGuard
for Android client and I didn't experience any major hiccups.
Feedback on the design and implementation is appreciated. #vpn

@Muto @js #Xabber dev has a very ... special... pov :
I understand why he does not want to implement such a feature in HIS software after all, but its arguments are so-so (IMO)...
At least, we still have #Conversations

So @[email protected] recommends people to use WhatsApp over , rather than migrating them over. Way to go! Not. Better stay away from Xabber!

Are there any for desktop? Anything , or is fine. But please nothing web-based: When keeping it open for too long, it starts spinning 100% CPU after some time.

Any users on here? Or is it entirely dead by now?

by endorsing discord, via advertising a discord guild for your FOSS project, you harm FOSS because you help them with their disinformation campaign that discord is a viable alternative to libre tools like IRC and XMPP

Mail from GitHub:

"Hi @Midar,

You're working hard on GitHub—in fact, you're one of the most active contributors in your country."

Somehow, I don’t believe that.

Exciting new federation failure mode: IPv6. Even IPv6 "only" servers may have 6to4 gateways. But federation requires two way comms for key exchange, follow/accept dance, etc. and IPv4 server can't reply to messages received from IPv6 only.

I never looked at the protocol as used by Mastodon. But it seems pretty broken:

And apparently Pleroma is no better?

// cc @kaniini @cj @ivan

Does anybody know if there is some work under way to get WiFi working on the on ?

I joked about it before and wanted to write to troll. I’m glad somebody else did now.

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