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I never did an , so here goes:

• I like and am the developer of @ObjFW
• I'm interested in obscure CPU architectures and *enjoy* writing assembly for them (weirdest in my collection are , and 🙂)
• I'm into obscure OSes (e.g. )
• I collect retro hardware
• I am an :xmpp: advocate (decentralized & federated like Mastodon!)
• I mostly use :apple_inc:, @openbsd :openbsd: and :netbsd: as a daily OS
• I am also a @haiku 🍃 developer

Die versteckte Kamera in Iran setzt dem #Boulevard, wie er in Österreich in den Medien vorkommt, noch gehörig eins drauf 😲 😱
Quelle: Die Presse 2021-05-08 S.8

@pueblo @stuart

The Matrix folk are working on improving resource usage, and I really hope they will succeed with that. But I personally prefer XMPP's model for it's simplicity (e.g. bugs in Matrix's sync protocol have caused security issues in the past).

What's important to me is that both protocols share the same goals of decentralizing online communication away from centralized silos. If that happens successfully, I really don't care what tech it's based on 🙂

Übrigens: Podcasts die nur eingeschränkt auf einer Plattform wie #Spotify verfügbar sind, sind keine Podcasts, pervertieren die Idee frei verfügbarer RSS Feeds und werden von mir geflissentlich ignoriert.

Corona, Lockerungen, Solidarität 

"Soll sich das junge Pack doch beim Hausarzt um den Impfstoff prügeln. Das kostet sonst nur so viel Geld und wir #Boomer sind ja jetzt eh geimpft!" #NieVerzeihen #Corona

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On 30 April 1993, CERN published a statement that made World Wide Web technology available on a royalty free basis to everyone. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Remember that the leak is supposed to be from 2019. That tell us that, 2 years ago, Facebook was already linking whatsapp data inside Facebook, even when you don't have a FB account, and pushing data from facebook to your #whatsapp data, like the gender. Two ways binding.


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Checking the #FacebookLeak, some people in there doesn't even have a FB account. But it turns out they have a WhatsApp one. In the leaked data WhatsApp users' ID seem to start with 1000. It also includes gender, which is not something one declares when registering on WhatsApp. 1/2

Sieben Beamte durchsuchten Kottmanns Wohnung, 15 Polizisten die Wohnung der Eltern: Einer Luzerner Hackerin drohen in den USA über 20 Jahre Gefängnis #Verkada

@bugaevc It can usually be fixed by coping something else into clipboard manually and then wl-copy works again.

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@bugaevc Are you aware of a bug in wl-copy where it sometimes does not copy and keep the old clipboard?

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Stallman had some good ideas in the 80s, and he and the FSF have been stuck back then ever since. Their opinions are incongruent, and have morphed into ideological nonsense that often hurts user freedom.


Due to an upcoming instance block of of (for more information:, I decided to move this account to another instance. Every follower is now following this new account.

@ordnung Und bei jedem defederieren gehen dann die Nutzer von dem kleineren der beiden Server zu nem größeren.

-> Ihr schafft Zentralisierung.

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@ordnung Ich hab nochmal was drüber nachgedacht.

„Hey! Du hast doch immer von Mastodon erzählt. Ich bin jetzt auch da, wie ist deine ID?“
„@[email protected]
„Ich kann dir nicht folgen“
„Bist du auf“
„ geht nicht mit Mastodonten, du musst dir wo anders nen Account holen“
„Ok, das ist mir zu kompliziert, ich bleib doch lieber bei Twitter.“

-> Ihr macht Mastodon kaputt.

If you still follow me here: I’m @js now, as is broken for days now. The automatic migration seems to have failed midway through. Please unfollow me here and follow @js.

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