I create an MUC for people interested in and :

Web chat:

Please boost!

Damn, forgot to mention: This is hosted on retro hardware as well, obviously!

@js I'll join tonight. Do old protocols as gopher count? SW as mpg123 and lynx?

@anthk Gopher: Yes. mpg123 and lynx: Wait, what? That's retro? I'm still using that today! 😃

@js I seldom use It instead of Netsurf to connect to gopher.

@anthk @js firefox can support gopher too, through OverbiteFF extension[1]. Seamonkey (which is where I use it) and forks based on gecko can benefit from that extension too, using add-on converter for Seamonkey [2]. Conversion can be automatized through AMO extension [3]




@anthk @js ahhahah, I'm sorry ander but this time I can't help smiling at this; 'stronzo'
is used an insult (mostly applies to 'asshole' use cases), you probably meant
a figurative 'merda', which stands for shit, or simply 'schifo', which means
crap XD

@sehnsucht @js merda is just "mierda" in Spanish, same meaning both fig and lit.

@sehnsucht @anthk I like how I can just read this and understand most of it 😀

I should probably learn Italian…

@anthk @js true =P, same goes for me with Spanish, they're just so close, and I'd really
want to learn it. We could practice with each other one day

@sehnsucht @anthk Except, I don't know Spanish 😀. I just had French and Latin at school - and I don't remember much of either 😃.

@anthk @js oh, got confused and thought I was replying to Ander, who's Spanish IIRC;
English has plenty of Latin-derived terms, and Italian is the closest language to
Latin you can come across after minor ancient dialects like Romansh; hence,
albeit the syntax can result quite different, English-to-Italian vocabulary is
shared to a discrete extent. Good to know you studied Latin, I haven't heard
of many US people who have. I used to own a blog of Italian translations from
Latin and Greek XD

@anthk @js where are you from, if you don't mind me asking this?

I also tried spreading this on Twitter now, please boost there as well:

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