Any users on here? Or is it entirely dead by now?

@remotenemesis Oh, cool! Are you still using it? :) What are you doing wrt. browser, considering OWB doesn't support TLS 1.2 and thus many sites won't work at all?

@js At the moment, it's just waiting for a new home.

Yeah the browser situation is a disaster. I'm not short of devices that browser the web.

I'm more interested in non-web internet at this point.

@js (by home, I need to put it on a desk with some other computers)

@remotenemesis Yeah, MorphOS is way ahead there. In general, it seems much more active than AmigaOS 4. Hence my wondering if it’s still alive and if people are still using it, or if everybody moved to MorphOS.

@js I haven't tried MorphOS. No reason really other than I haven't had my hands on compatible hardware.

@remotenemesis Pretty much all HW that works with AmigaOS 4 works with MorphOS, AFAIK. Also, it works on cheap and easy to obtain PPC Macs. What machine do you have? I only have AmigaOS 4 running in FS-UAE, which is … painful. All OS4 HW is too expensive to justify buying it just to port/maintain my software on it.

@js well, I have a X5000 that I picked up at a nice discount... but didn't want to swap the graphics card out.

@remotenemesis I don’t think you need to swap - putting an extra should work, too. Then you can easily dual boot :).

I wish I could get an X5000 for a nice price :(.

@remotenemesis Have you tried NetSurf on OS4? That seems to be still actively maintained for OS4, and might be enough for a lot of things.

I haven't, I'll give that a spin when I get mt X5000 setup again

@remotenemesis Found a port of Odyssey that actually works with TLS 1.2 :)

@remotenemesis Nope, I’m not. As said, I don’t have a machine, just FS-UAE. It’s painful and barely enough to port my software.

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