@js 64-bit Sun laptop from 2005, 400Mhz, half a gig of ram! Damn man. If it really was 2005, I would have just wiped it and put Linux on it :-P .. but that's a piece of history right there.

in 2005 Solaris was much much better than Linux in every possible way except price

@feld I dunno. It had a shitty package manager, terrible console tooling .. I don't know about performance, but I know JBoss on Redhat in 2005 absolutely crushed WebSphere on AIX (although that could have had more to do with ... fucking WebSphere). Towards the end of the proprietary UNIX era, the performance wasn't enough to makeup for the shitty tooling and lack of real package management IMO.

package management in 2005 on Linux was a joke. SFW and pkg_add got you all the GNU tools. native Solaris tooling was better and more integrated with the OS and hardware than anything on Linux. apt-get was not without problems, and RPM hell was a daily battle. yum didn't exist yet. honestly gentoo/emerge was the best back then at not blowing your foot off.

@stevelord @feld I forgot about not having yum/zypper. ah yes, all the `rpm -Uvh` or `rpm -Fvh` .. and debs are still a god damn mess under the surface. I love FPM and use it on most of my packaging pipelines, but I do not look at the source code under it. That's the best we have and it's still a mess.

Redhat's shitty licensing meant we had scripts in the Uni lab to download all the security update RPMs.

I started using Gentoo around 2002 (coming off of Linux From Scratch) and I totes agree.

@djsumdog Well I’m putting OpenBSD on it right now. Might put new cells into the battery and add a USB WiFi dongle and use it at or and sit in a talk with it :)

@js Man I remember how badly I wanted one of these back then ^^

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