The new is a cheese cutter.

Should I bring some cheese tomorrow to try it? 🤔

Current status: Reformatting a box of 1440 KB floppies to 720 KB on an IBM PC.

It was bound to happen. @ObjFW on an at . Copied via an MS-DOS formatted 720k disk, which was reformatted on an IBM PC and then the file written on a USB floppy drive (it was a 1440k disk).

@JPEG Mast is now showing custom emojis. But it is still showing the : surrounding it.

Just got my . Obviously, the first thing to do was compile and run all @ObjFW tests.

First impressions:
• The display is really nice. The resolution is so high that I think I need new glasses.
• Compositing is a bit sluggish. I won't use it anyway once I put another OS on there.
• Firefox is quite slow.
• The speakers are unusable. Not even sufficient to watch a movie in a completely quiet room.
• I/O feels slow. I have not put in the 64 GB eMMC yet, though.
• It's *very* light!

@JPEG Here’s an example of not a single custom Emoji being rendered.

RT @[email protected]
Ich will ein für meine Kinder bauen. Ist bei mir auch ein Polizeieinsatz bei Nichteinhalten der Brandschutzbestimmungen zu befürchten? Ich habe heute bei meinem Bauamt nachgefragt. Macht das zur Sicherheit auch, bevorzugt in .

RT @[email protected]
„Blanker Hass“, „Hetzjagd“, „Wie konnte das passieren?“, „Woher kommt der Hass“?
Ja woher? Unerklärlich das Ganze in
Niemand hatte auch nur einen leisen Verdacht. Es kam so plötzlich. So ganz ohne Ankündigung.
Ein Mysterium.

Websites are now forcing you to enable 3rd party cookies in order to opt out of cookies and tracking! I wonder how that's compliant…


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