@admin @angristan There’s daily spam from pawoo now. Please do something?

Food, programming meme 

@shadowfacts That API seems broken, as different parts of a URL are escaped differently.

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Elektroschrott: das haben Umweltaktivisten in Lyon in wenigen Stunden aus der Rhône geholt. Ohne Worte. #eScooter

@ParadeGrotesque Yeah. I thought not having a physical escape key would be the worst, but that’s actually not as bad as I had thought. But the accidental touches and how inconvenient things such as muting now are that now require you to look…

@ParadeGrotesque I usually do that when I type numbers - and then suddenly play music in a quiet office.

@clacke @thomasfuchs Chromium is mostly Google free. AFAIK nothing is on by default. But I’m more worried about the rendering engine monoculture.

@thomasfuchs But Chromium is the only sandboxed browser on OpenBSD :/

A tie between the two ones I couldn’t decide. Great 🤣

I can't decide which of my domains is the best. And I kinda have to decide which one I use as my main one. Fediverse, help me!

@wiktor @mattj I'd just take the regular @ syntax to mention people. I think harder is how to continue threads. But then XMPP has threading support in some clients, so.

Have you put your gateway in a git repo yet?

@swim Yeah, I was surprised I could still get a 3 letter domain on a 2 letter TLD, tbh. And then even one that’s a word instead of just random.

@kaniini @espectalll @shadowfacts Cool! So no more reasons to net set up my own Pleroma instance :).

@kaniini Read the beginning of the thread - Mastodon now has support for migrating accounts. The question is if Pleroma will implement the same, at least on the receiving end (as in, where the account is transferred to).


@pep @Goffi It's much more convenient to be used from a client (especially mobile!) if it's just MUC and no PubSub required.

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