@brunoph Also that guy couldn’t know side car would be released this WWDC, so it’s interesting that he packed his trashcan ;)

The new is a cheese cutter.

Should I bring some cheese tomorrow to try it? 🤔

Arrived at . If anyone wants to talk to me, just ping me :)

#FreeBSD officially forming a working group to investigate eventual official project migration to #git.

@flussence @kaniini @brainblasted Maybe forking Gtk2 is the answer. Was much better than 3.

@kaniini @flussence @brainblasted The sad part is that this is a Gtk3 problem: Gtk3 has no real theming support, while Gtk2 had. In general, Gtk3 is a huge regression overt Gtk2 and tries to work as badly as possible when not running the horrible GNOME 3.

@ParadeGrotesque SPARC64 had Clang for quite a while already, but e.g. exceptions are very broken. Hope that gets fixed soon!

Why yes, that's an Amiga playing a 295kbps MP3 file at 44.1khz in 16-bit.

@ky0ko Well, obtaining ls is easy and a good start ;)

Nie mehr #WhatsApp? #EU-#Staaten könnten #Messenger zur Öffnung zwingen.

Messengerdienste wie #WhatsApp und #iMessage können miteinander keine Nachrichten austauschen. Warum eigentlich? ...


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