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I don't seem to be able to sign up to your showcase server as it always says my email conformation link is invalid. (Sending a nee confirmation email doesn't change anything) Is that a known issue?

👏👏👊👍 @FridayForFuture Germany, with @Luisamneubauer, at a press conference with two leading scientists, today urgently called for a 100 bn euro emergency package for climate protection & transformation. 👉 Sign the petition here: weact.campact.de/petitions/100

The Congo Basin’s rainforests is sometimes called Earth’s second lungs after the Brazil’s Amazon because of its ability to absorb carbon. In addition to that, the basin has the world’s largest tropical peatlands discovered in 2017. Scientists estimates that these peatlands store carbon worth 20 years of the fossil fuel emissions of the US. (Peatlands are terrestrial wetland ecosystems in which waterlogged conditions prevent plant material from fully decomposing). The Congo Basin is also rich in biodiversity and in minerals.

As long as this region is not destroyed, Africa has the potential to help combat and fight against global climate change.

The Congo Basin rainforest face serious threats from global climate change and other human factors( given Congo has been facing insecurities and political crisis since the time during colonization until today). Commercial logging, mining, extensive agriculture, infrastructure development, rapid urbanisation...

Some thoughts on #Pine64's approach to community-developed hardware products. Could have been shorter, but a bit of background was necessary

tuxphones.com/pine-formula/ #linux

Are you a emoji/emote artist who is up for paid commissions and want to see your work shipped with #Owncast?

It's time for Owncast to clean up what custom emoji/emotes we ship with and add some that would resonate with streamers and their viewers.

This could be a fun paid project for an artist with experience in these tiny icon-sized works of art! Feel free to DM or chime in on the below issue:


EU citizens, remember that you have the right to be forgotten. If you’re closing your Twitter account, you can write to them and tell them to delete your data and your account permanently and they must comply. You don’t have to leave your data with Musk if you don’t want to.


#twitter #eu #legal #rightToBeForgotten


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